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Another flip book

I really should be sorting out my crop kits, but it’s been so long since I did a YT video I thought while I was working on another flip book I might as well do that.  This is the cover of the new one – using, as threatened, some very, very old club Scrap paper.  I hoarded it (yes, I know, one of the those 7 deadly sins I mentioned a few posts back) because it was so pretty I just hated to cut in to it.  Having found a whole stash of it in a bag in the cupboard, I am resolved to make use of it.  The leaf-y pattern on the cover seemed just right for a handful of photos from our local “stately home” The Vyne.

I just love the QK alphabet, which I cut from fun foam, for the title.  It cuts like a dream in my Grand Calibur.

Not the greatest shot of the inside, but I wanted to show how I sandwich the photos over the shorter flaps so the photos stick out.  So long as the landscape ones are just shy of the 5 3/4 inches of the base of the flip assembly, they fold in just fine and I like the slightly wonky look of them jutting out and overlapping.

I know I have a few more photos from this day but they have gotten out of order somehow and I need to hunt them down.  Once I do I’ll be able to finish the book.

Now, I really, really MUST sort out kits, or at least make a start, of I will waste my crop day, and I’ve missed TWO of my local crop days because of family stuff, so I really need this time!



WOYWW 119 – a giftie!

Ah the power of the WOYWW!  Join in at The Stamping Ground if you have no idea what I am on about.

What is on my workdesk this week is a surprise package! Lovely paint chip goodness from VoodooVixen (Annette) and it was such a joy to open.  A lovely decorated envelope that housed pretty playthings, as well as a tin and some emery boards (fab for distressing) and some stain chips, tinted acetate that I am just dying to do SOMETHING with.  Winging it’s way to me from the frozen North (Canada) is was a lovely surprise.  We had a brief chat about then a few weeks back and I promptly forgot all about the exchange until the postman dropped it on my mat.

Don’t you just love the Disney ones?  Adorable.  The glare obscures the tin but it says “It’s not shopping if you buy less than 10 items!”  Wish I could convince DH of that.

Having missed out a week I am now raring to go visiting – always an inspirational day, Wednesdays.  I’m stoked…are you?

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Flip book

I have a number of projects that are things I always intended to make.  I’ve been seeing flip books for years, always intended to give one a go, but never managed to find the time.  Well, I went back to some fairly old stash, and finally managed it.

I did a few things differently to the ones I found out there.  First, I never liked the BIA bound ones.  It sort of defeats the purpose for me. They seem most appealing because there is no binding needed.  Next, I didn’t want the cover bits on the two front pieces.  So one chipboard bit is at the back and one on the left “cover” piece.

Then, the base piece is shorter on the right, so that piece (the solid blocks edged by stripes in the first photo) wraps to the front – I’ll eventually add a figure-8 closure, I think.  And I;ve been playing with some hybrid bits to use in this, but I sort of have to decide on the subject first, although I think it’s kid-appopriate and not necessarily boy or girl specific.  I had a plan for it, but then changed my mind.

It’s been ages since I found the time to do a YouTube slide show so maybe I’ll don one for this that documents my changes.  They aren’t earth shattering alterations, but I do like to note them before I move on and forget what I did, especially if I am giving the item away to someone.  I’ll forget if I don’t!

And lovely Ludgershall crop this weekend so I really must plan a few page kits or I’ll be chatting, twiddling my thumbs and eating rather than scrapping. I took some photos to represent the hole left by DS leaving for Uni, so want to print them and plan a page as well as the ones on my blog earlier this week.  And if you saw the couple of  photos in Community on UKS, of the massive Chinook that made an emergency landing the other side of our back fence, that may wind up as a page too.   I also unearthed a bag of old Club Scrap kits, mostly intact, and I really must consider if I want to sell them on or use them.  One might wind up featuring in the next flip-book, who knows….


Getting back to it

Well, now that DS is safely away I can turn my thoughts to more crafty pursuits once again.  I’ve missed it!

But I still need a day of cleaning – and he will be interested to know one of my first acts, in payment for the fact he swaned off leaving his room is such a state it took me the better part of the day to sort it and clean it, was to pilfer his larger monitor.  No point it leaving it sitting on his desk unused, now is there?  He had a 2-monitor set up, like me, but his were a larger screen size. He only took one from the office to school so  I’m replacing one of mine with one of his (the other one has a row of dead pixels down one side of the screen and that would drive me crazy, so just the one will replace just one of mine, still increasing my screen real-estate by quite a lot)

To do that I need to address the mess on my desk.

But I wanted to post a couple of things.  First, I used to write  a weekly musing about scrapbooking for the UKS Home Page.  At some point, when I re-organized the contents of the Home Page, I dropped it, but I still go back occasionally and read them again.  This extract from one felt relevant to where I am, so I thought I would re-post ot here.


My Seven Deadly Sins of Scrapbooking!

1.  Lust – this time of year, or indeed any time of year when the manufacturers are all tempting us with yummy goodness in paper, supplies, tools, etc.,  lusting after new stash is definitely my top scrapooking sin.  It goes hand-in-hand with…

2. Gluttony – buying too much stash from the new lines when I have so much “had to have it” stash still waiting to be used.  Gluttony goes hand-in-hand with …

3.  Greed –  this, according to Wikipedia , includes the sin of hoarding, and if you saw the piles of near-ancient yet unused scrapping supplies, things I will NEVER, EVER use (well, probably never!) you would know this is another big one for me.

4.  Sloth – After spending WAY too much time sorting out my scrapspace. I can safely say that, at least this week, sloth is farther down my list of sins.  But I also know that while a beautiful mess is the natural by-product of my current method of scrapping (ie drag everything that might work out, shuffle it about for a few days, then when the page is done, try to ignore the mess until working in my space is not just difficult, but actually impossible, then grudgingly spend two days clearing it up) if I were better about putting stuff away while I scrap I might get more done!

5.  Anger/Wrath – Most of my scrapbooking anger comes down to me doing something stupid.  Wastefully cutting a strip off a single precious sheet of patterned paper, then cutting another strip off an adjacent side, making it most definitely NOT a 12 inch strip (this I do A LOT), or working on top of the mess and ruining something in the process.  All down to me so I am angry at myself!

6.  Envy – Sometimes I see a gorgeous layout, a really, really spectacular piece of work, or a stunning technique, and yes, I have a moment of envy when I think “Oh I wish I had thought of that!” but I try not to wallow in Envy – instead I vow to think outside the box more often, and try to schedule creative “play time”.

7.  Pride –  This is a tough one.  I am proud of my layouts, and I would expect to be, but if there is one area within Pride where I fall down it’s in not praising others enough.  I do see wonderful work scooting across the top line, and I always think “How stunning, I must comment..I’ll do that just after I finish dealing with these 20 reported posts ….”  then I don’t.  Shame on me!

So that’s my Seven Deadly Sins.  Are yours different?  Do tell!


Now, back to an older item….

I heard from Nikki, who won the custom set of hybrid printables from that post a few weeks back.  She was off enjoying a family holiday, which was why it took a week or so for her to realize she had won!  I’ve sent her the elements, and her initial reaction was positive, so phew! to that.

I am linking here to the PDF  so if you think they will be useful for you, grab ’em.  They are mostly quite simple shapes with nice WIDE borders, which I hope will make it easy for little hands to get some practice with cutting out, and most have journaling lines to help keep their writing straight.  Some have “prompts” to help them think what to write.  If you use them, I would love to see how.



Off to Uni

Well, after a week of hard graft, lots of shopping, a little cooking practice, and a manic morning, the car is packed and DS is off to Uni.

Where is that sweet-cheeked little lad that once was?  We sat watching some videos the other night, that FIL had transferred to DVD for us, of DS as a baby, right before we moved to the UK for the first time, when her was about 14 months old.  I cried.  I did.  A lot.  Not an empty nest quite yet, as DD is still here, but oddly unsettling nonetheless.  I hope he will have the best experience.

He was planning on taking his electronic drums, up until the last minute when it was obvious they simply would not fit in the car.  Perhaps that is for the best – or at least I suspect his flatmates will think so!

His quilt is finished and he is delighted with it – it’s not so “quilt-y” that he feels strange using it, and he love the cuddly backing.  Result.

How weird it is to see the essentials of his life compressed into such a small space.  Clothes, books, computer, essential kitchen items. food for a couple of weeks, except for fresh meat, eggs, milk, etc, his card decks and guitar and some paperwork.

And now, I must dash in to town to drop off a few shirts that were drying on the rail that both he, and I, managed to forget. So with luck, back to crafty blogging next week.  I’ll dry my tears and get ready for another slightly damp goodbye.

See you soon. And my sympathy to any Moms who share my experience this week.  It’s an essential step, yes, but no less of a wrench.


Tee Shirt Quilt in progress

Having done much research on the net about tee shirt quilts, I settled on the design and prepared the squares over the weekend.  Hence no posting from me here.  A couple of interesting bits I discovered in the process:

  • I don’t like the versions that have different sized blocks, they offend my sense of order (those who see my frequent WOYWW posts of the chaos that is my scrapping space feel free to burst into hysterical laughter now, but do stop before you do yourself an injury!) I prefer the blocks all the same size.
  • Working with well-worn shirts, that have been stretched out through use and washing, especially when the designs are often text-only, makes getting the lines of text straight a struggle. And centering the design, without an expensive quilter’s square in the right size is also tricky. I did a couple of things.  First, I didn’t want to waste the interfacing, so after measuring the designs and settling on what was the smallest size any block could be I cut the interfacing to that size plus 1 inch all around. In my case that turned out to be 16×16 inch squares.  Next, I cut off all the arms and necks, as in the video from yesterday, then, to center the design as best I could I laid the shirt out and folded it over a ruler, so the lines of text were as straight as I could make them, on the ironing board.  I ironed on the interfacing (and in the UK Pelon is Vilene G405 in case you wondered.  It’s lovely and soft and irons on to the tee shirt material very well.) Then cut a square 15×15 inches from matboard.  My matboard is scraps from a local framer, and the piece I used has a sort of velour on one side.  No idea who would have a picture framed in black velour! Anyway, I laid the square on that, which gripped the fabric a bit, and squared the blocks up, correcting when I could and severely wonky lines, flipped it on to the cutting mat and trimmed the excess.
  • I discarded the idea of adding sashing.  DS only wanted black (remember? colour-blind) and adding yet another black to all the already differing shades of black from the shirts felt like too much.  Also, because of the forced size, and the number of shirts I had to work with,  I was limited to a 3 x 5 block arrangement, and while adding side sashing would make the quilt more visually pleasing side-to-side, any added LENGTH would make it less proportionally pleasing.  As it stands it’s about 45×74, which I might correct a little by adding a wider side border when I wrap the backing to bind it.
  • And about the backing.  DS likes soft.  Rough clothes, scratchy labels, stiff fabric, all a def. no for him.  So again, researching, I found that polar fleece can double up as a backing and the batting (wadding in the UK, I think) can be omitted entirely.  Since time is short, that sounds the perfect fit.  And polar fleece is wide, about 54 inches, so once the blocks are joined they will lose a bit side-to-side so I should be able to wrap to the front and bind from a single width.  And 2 meters is about 79 inches, so that makes it economical as well as soft and cuddly.  Result!
  • Finally, the thought of quilting it proper by machine scares me.  I don’t want to cover the designs, and frankly I don’t have the time.  The last tied quilt I made was for our first son, which we buried with him, so maybe time to give that a go again.  Found a brilliant video on YouTube that looks to make basting for tying a breeze, and I think I will give that a go.  I plan to use black thread and put the knots on the back, so all you will see on the face of the quilt is regularly placed little specks of black, which won’t interfere with the design at all. AND I can do the ties sitting in front of the TV at night so good use of my time, rather than using daylight and shopping hours when we have so much to do still.

You can see from the photo that DS likes music (from the Ramones to Fairport Convention – quite a range) and gaming.  Oh, and black – lots and lots of black.

So there you go.  Lots of decisions, most of the final choices will, I think, work out.  I just hope I can finish it in the next few days or he’ll have to wait for Christmas to get it.



Busy, and not scrapping

Oh woe is me.  DS leaves for Uni next weekend and life has interrupted my scrapping.  Projects in the works include:

  • a recipe book of cheap and easy to prepare meals for a child who will do anything to avoid cooking, even to the point of opting not to eat
  • this little project, making use of old tee shirts culled from the active collection

  • packing, laundry, and shopping for boring but necessary clothing like socks and undies, a warm winter coat (it is Scotland, after all) and replacement tees
  • resolving arguments over who gets to take/keep essential books and DVDs (we are at an impasse over the Harry Potter books and Kung Fu Hustle, 3:10 to Yuma and the Buffy and Angel boxed sets.) And who gets the rice cooker.
  • cleaning his room and disassembling his bed  in preparation for room decorating in advance of  a visitor mid-October

That is, in fact, only a partial list.  Add lots and lots of cooking of favourite meals all week (so far, top of this list is enchiladas, gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts, and French toast), creating a start-up pantry  box of pasta, refried beans, and hot sauce, as well as other shelf-stable staples,  and much more sorting and ticking off of the must-have items for his new accommodation. And more boring shopping.

Funny, but I feel more upset over this life-changing event than I did when he went of to play group, the first (presumably most painful) breach in the mother-child relationship.  That produced not even a whimper from me – in fact, I recall neither of us feeling any particular tugging of the heartstrings then.  He walked in, went to his mates at the sand table and when it was time to leave, all the other new kids were crying and clinging to their Moms while I called to him, once, twice THREE times and said “I’m leaving now.” The boy didn’t even look up, just flung up a sandy hand and said “Seeya” and I did the happy dance all the way home.  Now, he still seems to have the same acceptance of this new stage in his life while I am feeling all out of sorts.  He’s my buddy.  Oh, sure, we knock heads on a daily basis about usual teen things, but we still enjoy watching movies together, talking about books, discussing the newest game he’s playing, and the occasional card trick.  He even looks at my crafty work and makes all the appropriate noises of praise, as well as an even more occasional “That’s cool.” I’ll miss that.  A lot.

I expect next weekend I’ll be weeping onto my keyboard for a fair bit of the time, while mentally planning how to make the best use of the newly vacated space.


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WIP – and printables

Well, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post these or not, as I have been working on something that will use them and that is not anywhere near ready.  And I’m thinking of different colours anyway.  But I hate not posting when life is so busy that to get to the point were it is TOTALLY ready may take a while, so I’m throwing it up here for anyone to grab if they want it.

Not a great image, reduced, but it prints on an A4 sheet (hummm – having just printed a load of stuff on US letter size paper, I think it will print on them as well, but it occurs to me that is something to keep in mind for the future, if I am going to carry on with this!) and you can grab the PDF to print here. There are very faint journaling lines in the boxes.  The font is there and if you are even minimally versed in PSE or some other editing program you should be able to change the text or delete it entirely.  Have fun, and I’ll keep working on my project to share when I can.