WOYWW 121 – crop prep


WOYWW 121 and my 499th post.

Quite excited that we have come around to another 12 hour crop on Saturday. I always enjoy the extended time but I have to be very prepared or I will run out of things to do! So the mess on my desk is a mass of photos, some pre-prepared paper packs that I hope will go with those photos, and the remnants of the hybrid bits from yesterday. My crop bag is just there, to the right – note it says “my bag” on it LOL! Did you read Julia’s post on the Clearly Better stamp pads?  I am hoping I can give Shopkeeper Gal a call and see about getting one, and the shop is often a crop outing.

Life has been ever so chaotic lately – I thought things would settle down a bit with DS gone but it really hasn’t.  My WOYWW post have not been exactly inspiring – week after week it’s just mess and chaos and nothing really interesting.

It would have been nice had I found time to post one of the two weekend days as then this post would actually have been my 500th blog post. When I started blogging, after avoiding it for so long, it was only because the magazine had ceased publication and I knew I would miss the writing about my projects, so I though Why not? I have to admit I rather enjoy doing it (and my sister loves it – a good post often prompts a phone call so that is a real win for me!) but lately it feels like I am not making the time to just PLAY at my desk.  Seems there is always something that needs doing.  Also, I seem to be more focused on scrapbooking, rather than cards or smaller projects and technique-based play.  Plus the hybrid elements, which I quite enjoy making (and as I always make ones that I have a plan for, even if that plan may take longer to execute than I hope) those bits are appearing on my pages often.  Which I really like.

You may note I added links to my best hybrid printables in the sidebar.  I thought it would be best to make them easy to find.  Some of them are straight printables, and some also have a digital set, but I do need to be more consistent in how I do them.  Like the phones from yesterday – filling all the bits with white to make sure they were usable as a digi- set was something I almost forgot to do.  But I’m learning.

I did a little YouTube video that is an overview of some of my hybrid/printable bits, which I will post perhaps tomorrow, although it may all be stuff my regular WOYWW viewers will have seen.  Or maybe not – as it WILL be my 500th post I sort of feel I should do something more … epic.  Or maybe I’ll just carry on with the crop prep.  Only tomorrow will tell.

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 121 – crop prep

  1. fabulously looking cropbag and yes, the American kettles!!! We had to buy our daughter one when we were out there the first time (when she got married) it was a bit small and slow but faster than putting it on the stove! She still has it but it not longer turns itself off! I mean??? They went to the moon (The Americans,not my daughter”!) and they still have weird plugs, with flickering lamps! I don’t even thing my daughter has mains water where she is

  2. That is a serious looking Crop Bag!! I am curious what it looks like inside when it’s all packed up? Maybe you could do a WIYCB (What’s in Your Crop Bag)!
    And congrats on 499 posts! I will have to check back to see the 500th!
    I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to come and enter!
    xoxo Karen

  3. 499 posts!? my goodness thats a lot. I don’t think I will ever get there.
    I hate packing for crops, I always seem to leave that one thing I desperately need at home.
    Happy WOYWW

  4. Congratulations on your almost 500th post … I always enjoy reading your posts and don’t think they are at all samey. A 12-hour scrapbooking session sounds like sheer luxury to me. Read your post on cell/mobile phones and it reminded me of my year in MA – as I was writing papers for uni at the time I had to not only learn the US term but also the spelling … boy, did I have problems. I still have the US dictionary on my shelf to this day … can’t bear to part with it 🙂 I’m looking forward to the launch of the new scrapbooking magazine. Happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #73

  5. wow when do you find time to sleep…and breathe? I am in awe of your ‘bag’ lol have a wonderful day cropping..or not cropping and just chillin with friends.x

  6. Love your craft bag, congratulations on 500 posts too amazing, tfs Jenny

  7. If its not fun anymore, you need to take a break and do what makes your Muse happy.
    Your work is so gorgeous and inspiring. Take some time to do what you Love.
    Have a great rest of the week, and thanks for sharing.

  8. oooh have a lovely time at the crop… 12 hours unadulterated bliss… and I hope you get some “me” time to play… having deadlines is a pest isn’t it :O)

  9. Woo! WTG on the almost-500 post! Might have to pop back tomorrow to congratulate you on the proper 500…

    As for crop prep – I’m hoping some photos turn up that I’m after, but I’ve got a long slog through several thousand otherwise….. eek…..

  10. Congratulations on your 499th post. I’m not sure how many I’ve done… it’s quite a lot, I know. Love your crop bag – looks burglar proof! and your desk looks fun too. I must explore your blog further! Happy WOYWW.

  11. So this is your 499th post … congrats …I must check in tomorrow for your 500th.
    Its funny how hard it is to find time to play …something always comes up …you need a empty 24hours. Have fun at the 12 hr crop.

  12. You space looks fantastically busy to me !
    wow 500 posts !
    have a lovely week xxx

  13. Wonderful space, thanks for sharing….499 posts; now that is a milestone!

  14. Epic!! Why MA, every one of your post is an epic!! I confess that I’ve loved every one of your desk posts – they only seem same-old to you I can assure you. As for crop prep – oy, not ready yet!

  15. I enjoyed reading your previous post – identified with it after the Big O left for Cardiff last week! Isn’t the video call on Facebook a great thing?? As you say, we’re only on for a short time but it’s useful for him and reassuring for us 🙂

  16. Wow running out of things to do at a crop! I am impressed I am lucky if I even stick something down, so much so that I have now resigned myself to taking the bare minimum as I never get anything done (could be to do with the fact that I run the crop and class I guess or just cause I talk too much!). Havent seen your blog for a while for some reason but some lovely projects on there – do you miss the magazine? can you not write for another one now? I know what you mean about always been busy too I have dropped a couple of my big commitments recently and still dont seem to have found much extra time! whats that all about??? Anyway I am waffling – enjoy the crop and well done on the 500th post! are you going to have a little competition or something?

    • There is a new mag due out soon with a wealth of talented scrappers. In some ways I feel like I’ve had my time. It all starts off really fun, but all too soon the demands of the schedule means you get so little time to work on your OWN stuff it’s a bit demoralizing – as are the sometimes hurtful comments you read about yourself and your work. Lucky I have thick skin. But now I am happy to do the odd thing when asked, and not be tied to it. I think I would feel the same if I was running a crop! I like just swaning up on the day and working on my own stuff (or nothing) if I feel like it 🙂

      Mary Anne

  17. Sounds like loads of fun! I love going to our monthly crops..sometimes my favorite part is the food…lol

    Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    xoxo Marjo #30

  18. 500 posts!! Gosh, that is a serious amount of talking… of course, I have not a clue how many posts I have done and I even missed my blogaversary about a week ago… I’m just a terrible blogger and get caught up with other stuff. Have fun at your crop… I really miss my crops… even though I never got anything done!!

  19. I think ‘epic’ is how I’d describe your crafty bag – what do you carry in that… the kitchen sink? It’s fantastic!
    I really like your desk – mess is just an outward show and spread of creativity 🙂
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    aka Sheleen at Patchwork Apples

  20. that looks like a very serious crop bag! i have never been to a crop but it sounds like a lot of fun. congratulations on almost reaching 500 posts! that is awesome!

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