WOYWW 121 – crop prep

WOYWW 121 and my 499th post.

Quite excited that we have come around to another 12 hour crop on Saturday. I always enjoy the extended time but I have to be very prepared or I will run out of things to do! So the mess on my desk is a mass of photos, some pre-prepared paper packs that I hope will go with those photos, and the remnants of the hybrid bits from yesterday. My crop bag is just there, to the right – note it says “my bag” on it LOL! Did you read Julia’s post on the Clearly Better stamp pads?  I am hoping I can give Shopkeeper Gal a call and see about getting one, and the shop is often a crop outing.

Life has been ever so chaotic lately – I thought things would settle down a bit with DS gone but it really hasn’t.  My WOYWW post have not been exactly inspiring – week after week it’s just mess and chaos and nothing really interesting.

It would have been nice had I found time to post one of the two weekend days as then this post would actually have been my 500th blog post. When I started blogging, after avoiding it for so long, it was only because the magazine had ceased publication and I knew I would miss the writing about my projects, so I though Why not? I have to admit I rather enjoy doing it (and my sister loves it – a good post often prompts a phone call so that is a real win for me!) but lately it feels like I am not making the time to just PLAY at my desk.  Seems there is always something that needs doing.  Also, I seem to be more focused on scrapbooking, rather than cards or smaller projects and technique-based play.  Plus the hybrid elements, which I quite enjoy making (and as I always make ones that I have a plan for, even if that plan may take longer to execute than I hope) those bits are appearing on my pages often.  Which I really like.

You may note I added links to my best hybrid printables in the sidebar.  I thought it would be best to make them easy to find.  Some of them are straight printables, and some also have a digital set, but I do need to be more consistent in how I do them.  Like the phones from yesterday – filling all the bits with white to make sure they were usable as a digi- set was something I almost forgot to do.  But I’m learning.

I did a little YouTube video that is an overview of some of my hybrid/printable bits, which I will post perhaps tomorrow, although it may all be stuff my regular WOYWW viewers will have seen.  Or maybe not – as it WILL be my 500th post I sort of feel I should do something more … epic.  Or maybe I’ll just carry on with the crop prep.  Only tomorrow will tell.