Do you say cell phone or mobile?

I sometimes get very confused.  The whole US English v UK English gets me in trouble (don’t get me started on the whole being in the line at Staples US and DS, at about 5 yo, asking about “rubbers” when he really meant “erasers.”)  I remember back a few years when my UKscrappers would bemoan the lack of MUM v MOM embellies, FALL v Autumn and the use of an American football v a soccer ball.  I sometimes find myself paralysed by indecision, knowing the thing I want to say but getting caught in my head going back and forth between one and the other.  CELL Phone v MOBILE is a classic example.

Now DS is far, far away, we find ourselves texting or Skype-ing more than proper phone calls.  Often they are more quick, practical conversations or text exchanges (Mom, do I have to split the laundry into whites and colours? Can I scramble eggs with burger meat and do I have to cook the burger meat first?) If we all had iPhone4s we would be doing Face Time calls, I’m sure, and the phone would be pointed at the stove rather than my face. This change from our usual around-the-dinner-table conversations every night seems worth documenting.

I wanted some sort of phone related embellies but most of what I find tends to be more the vintage phone and I really needed something modern.  I found this dingbat font that seems to be, from the T&C,  unrestricted other than selling it as a font, so I think I can share.

It’s as an A4 pdf (which will give you NEARLY a 12″ strip but not quite) or as a 12 ” .png.  The border strip has a white background and the little phones are all filled with white too so you can use them digitally.  The black lines are only there to define the area, because of how the program I use saves empty space. If you have a large format printer and can print “borderless” you should be able to print the .png to get a full 12″ strip but if you can’t do borderless printing, it will likely force a margin and still give you less that the full print. If you use the strip of just phones, you can see they fill the 12″ page better.

The smaller circles punch with a white border using the 1 1/4″ diameter punch (mine does not have the “punch size” on it but it’s the one used to perfectly fit the standard metal edged tags) and the bigger ones punch just at the edge of the black border.  You can edge the smaller ones with a black marker, if the white border annoys you.

Grab the PDF here or the .png here. Hope you find them useful.