WOYWW 120 – chaos, as usual


Ladies, start your crafting engines, it’s time for WOYWW!

I have been sent an Advanced Tape Glider by 3M to review.  Wait a second… Advanced Tape Glider? Yep.  A bright pink ATG.  I thought before I can review it with any sort of accuracy, I’d better put it through it’s paces, so the mess on my desk is a project designed to do just that.  I have to say, so far, I am loving the thinner tape (I could never get my 1/4′” tape adaptor to work properly in my original ATG 700) but a more detailed examination will follow once I finish.  I’m still at the measuring and making from plain (cheap) white card at the moment but you may just glimpse another of my (ahem) vintage Club Scrap kits there on my desk (dated 2003!) I think it will be perfect for this.

You can see my little scrap strip of measurement notations and the number of pieces of each needed.  I must then consider how to get what I want from the least number of 12 x 12 scrapbook cardstock, and work out the slightly smaller measurements for the decorative pieces.  I’m sure it’s all looking a little confusing at the moment, but I am ever hopeful it will all come together in the end.

And YOWZA!  If you are not a UKS member you may have missed the big announcement there yesterday of a BRAND NEW SCRAPBOOKING MAGAZINE publishing soon (and sneaky peeks to be at Ally Pally, stand 63, if you are going)  As it is by the team at Traplet who do Craft Stamper I am doing the happy dance for sure – I love Craft Stamper, and it’s arrival on my doormat is cause for celebration every month.  So this is something I am looking forward to A LOT.  Julia will smile, as we were just bemoaning the lack of home grown scrapbooking mags at Ludgershall (where she had dragged out old issues of Scrapbook Inspirations to flick through) so I know this will please her and the other crop ladies as well. AND there is the option to get it digitally, so fab for non-UK scrappers.

The mag has a site and there are clicks there to the blog, Facebook and twitter. Although the little pictures are only those “here’s a corner of a much bigger piece” ones, the projects look lush.

Now, off to check out WOYWW desks and work on the project.  I’ll hope to share it soon, unless it all goes t*ts up…..a distinct possibility with me!

18 thoughts on “WOYWW 120 – chaos, as usual

  1. I’ve been doing a merry wee dance since I received Traplet’s email this week – can’t wait to have the first issue in my hot little hands 🙂 I’ve been bemoaning the fact that we are down to only one scrapbook magazine for ages and miss all those I used to buy when I lived in MA. Have never used an ATG gun – haven’t seen the need up till now – but they would have to change the colour to encourage me.

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:-

    Elizabeth x #125

  2. ooh yeah

    disassembled dolls and coat hangers, now you are Talking My Kind of Edgy Cute – Yes Please…


  3. That new tape gun looks fun to play with Mary Anne.
    I have a Glue Dots one that I brought in a sale a while back but I really don’t like it. I find it hard to get the tape to break and usually end up ripping something, so I hope you have better luck than I do.

    Happy Crafting!


  4. I love mine. Best tape roller I have ever used. And boy I have tried a few!! Will be buying some of the non acid free stuff to use for Christmas pressie wrapping!!

  5. You will loce the ATG. I got one at CHA and am loving it, just very sad that 3M is not selling them in South Africa, so I can not find replacement rolls od adhesive. I even sent 3M SA an e mail asking about it and they did not even bother to reply – I suppose one crafter’s needs is not important to them.
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Oh yeah, am very peased by Traplet’s announcement, I must say. As we said, the UK needs this!
    I’ve come to know you better and it makes me smile tha tyou will work out such things as how to maximise the sheets of stock; I expect nothing less from you and am so admiring of a trait that I don’t seem to have. And a nice thing to be testing for sure. Am very happy with mine particularly since I got the thin tape adaptor on and working!

  7. Nice to get to test one for free, do you get to keep it afterwards? Couldn’t believe my eyes last week in Mikes…. they had two pink guns without the starter pack of tape and they were selling them for $7.50 each! I should have got them and put them on Ebay!!

    Brenda 88

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the new mag! have a happy Wednesday! Mel (43)

  9. I need to thank you for two things … 1)the review you are doing …I had a gun many years ago that ended in the bin as NO-ONE could reload it …what is this like to reload …I so want one. 2) the info on the Mag …I deleated a junk mail as it meant nothing and i’ve had some strange ones but now I realise it was about the new magazine. lol xx

  10. Its very pink !
    nice workspace

  11. Thanks for sharing your space this week, I always enjoy visiting and hope you have a fabulous rest of the week. Never used the ATG…..

  12. I already have pink one i can’t see how theyve improved from the original pinky one ihave.So are you testing thewm both to see the difference?would have thought so to get a exact difference between mine.The only thing i have probs with sometimes replacing the tape nightmare but ahve to say not always.
    I had email about that mag yesterday as like you get craft stamper delivered be intersting to see what it’s like.well have fun with the gun
    Happy woyww

  13. Why THIS Pink?

    can I please have a green one that will colour co-ordinate with my yellow one? I know Jo wants a pink one to add to her two yellow ones, so she can have different widths of tape at the grab of one hand and no mistaking the width, so to speak, but I just don;t dn’bt don;t like this pink


    I don’t

    see I believe in form over function and this is just Garish…

    canary yellow can Carry Garish, this shade of pink can’t

    excellent review though…thanks,


  14. lucky you, can’t afford the tape let alone the tape gun, but I do love the pink… I wonder why, thinks for crafters are sooo expensive, when the same things in rusty ‘man’ colours, are waaaaaaaaaay cheaper! Have agreat woyww

  15. I was so excited when I read my email this morning about the new magazine, I am going to be at Ally Pally this weekend so will check it out.
    Helen x

  16. You are so lucky, I saw one in a scrapbook store and it cost more than a small car. Glad you got yours to test drive. And no sales person on the lot, either. Sounds like you are also getting ready for Ally Pally. Of course, all I can do is read about it.

  17. I can tell you right off… you will love the pink one… I have it and its fab!! I had problems with my red version… the tapes kept getting all stupid and coming off the roll… this one behaves superbly!!

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