WOYWW 120 – chaos, as usual

Ladies, start your crafting engines, it’s time for WOYWW!

I have been sent an Advanced Tape Glider by 3M to review.  Wait a second… Advanced Tape Glider? Yep.  A bright pink ATG.  I thought before I can review it with any sort of accuracy, I’d better put it through it’s paces, so the mess on my desk is a project designed to do just that.  I have to say, so far, I am loving the thinner tape (I could never get my 1/4′” tape adaptor to work properly in my original ATG 700) but a more detailed examination will follow once I finish.  I’m still at the measuring and making from plain (cheap) white card at the moment but you may just glimpse another of my (ahem) vintage Club Scrap kits there on my desk (dated 2003!) I think it will be perfect for this.

You can see my little scrap strip of measurement notations and the number of pieces of each needed.  I must then consider how to get what I want from the least number of 12 x 12 scrapbook cardstock, and work out the slightly smaller measurements for the decorative pieces.  I’m sure it’s all looking a little confusing at the moment, but I am ever hopeful it will all come together in the end.

And YOWZA!  If you are not a UKS member you may have missed the big announcement there yesterday of a BRAND NEW SCRAPBOOKING MAGAZINE publishing soon (and sneaky peeks to be at Ally Pally, stand 63, if you are going)  As it is by the team at Traplet who do Craft Stamper I am doing the happy dance for sure – I love Craft Stamper, and it’s arrival on my doormat is cause for celebration every month.  So this is something I am looking forward to A LOT.  Julia will smile, as we were just bemoaning the lack of home grown scrapbooking mags at Ludgershall (where she had dragged out old issues of Scrapbook Inspirations to flick through) so I know this will please her and the other crop ladies as well. AND there is the option to get it digitally, so fab for non-UK scrappers.

The mag has a site and there are clicks there to the blog, Facebook and twitter. Although the little pictures are only those “here’s a corner of a much bigger piece” ones, the projects look lush.

Now, off to check out WOYWW desks and work on the project.  I’ll hope to share it soon, unless it all goes t*ts up…..a distinct possibility with me!