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Another layout

Still working on recent photos, such a pleasure to do that.  While I love looking back and getting some old ones out of the boxes and into the albums, I like capturing current thoughts while they are still so fresh in my mind.  This on is of the last-minute quilt I made for DS to take to Uni.  I’ve had a load of outgrown tee-shirts put by for ages, after I saw a twee-shirt quilt online a few years back.  I had gotten 90% done with a quilt previously but my colour-blind son declared it “too colourful” so I set it aside.

Shame, as I love the material (which is quite soft but slightly textured and indeed quite colourful and completely sourced from Granny’s fabric stash on a trip back to visit) so I imagine I’ll finish it at some point when I find the time.  Having machine quilted the tee-shirt one I now feel more confident about that – I only hand quilted before doing that one.

Anyway, I managed to snap a couple of photos before packing it off with him and a shot (mercifully small) of the chaos left behind – which I hasten to add has now been cleaned up!

He declared it fabulous, and was happy to see some of his favourite shirts in there, wondering if some of them might be re-ordered in a larger size.  I feel I need to add the odd button on the left near the bracket and one or two at the bottom near the dotty paper, so might manage that in the next day or so – but I have a mate coming for lunch so I must get a move on!