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Crop layout

I managed to sort out three crop kits for the Saturday crop and finished them all with time to spare.  I had such a clear vision of where I wanted them to go it all just flowed nicely.  wish every crop was like that!

For the first time in a long time I scrapped current photos.  All these were from the last week.  As they were not old already printed photos, I wasn’t limited to the strict 4 x 6 dimensions of those.  My digital camera photos naturally show as 4.5 x 6, which is slightly annoying as the photo paper I use for my dye-sub printer is 6 x 8 – for 4×6 photos that gives me two on a sheet, but in the 4.5 x 6 size I either have to crop them by 1/2 inch or change the dimensions to 4 x 5.33 (or something like that, I forget the exact size) which I don’t like.  Or make them much smaller, usually balanced out with one or two larger ones.

for this one, one of the photos is the full size and the other is cropped a bit smaller, which works for the layout, I think.

The banners are the ones I posted a bit back, that I made as journaling spots, I just printed them smaller to fit the space – one of the things I really like about hybrid elements.  You can’t really reduce the proportions of a bought journaling spot to make it fit your needs!

The layout is about DH trying to get home – the pointing finger shows his car, stuck in a line of traffic unable to pass the Chinook as it goes thru its safety procedures before taking off after an emergency landing in the field just out back of the house. I took the photos over the back fence.

I’m warming up to the whole hand-written journaling idea, clearly, as I haven’t done computer journaling now in ages.

A few more to come ….