WOYWW 119 – a giftie!

Ah the power of the WOYWW!  Join in at The Stamping Ground if you have no idea what I am on about.

What is on my workdesk this week is a surprise package! Lovely paint chip goodness from VoodooVixen (Annette) and it was such a joy to open.  A lovely decorated envelope that housed pretty playthings, as well as a tin and some emery boards (fab for distressing) and some stain chips, tinted acetate that I am just dying to do SOMETHING with.  Winging it’s way to me from the frozen North (Canada) is was a lovely surprise.  We had a brief chat about then a few weeks back and I promptly forgot all about the exchange until the postman dropped it on my mat.

Don’t you just love the Disney ones?  Adorable.  The glare obscures the tin but it says “It’s not shopping if you buy less than 10 items!”  Wish I could convince DH of that.

Having missed out a week I am now raring to go visiting – always an inspirational day, Wednesdays.  I’m stoked…are you?