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Flip book

I have a number of projects that are things I always intended to make.  I’ve been seeing flip books for years, always intended to give one a go, but never managed to find the time.  Well, I went back to some fairly old stash, and finally managed it.

I did a few things differently to the ones I found out there.  First, I never liked the BIA bound ones.  It sort of defeats the purpose for me. They seem most appealing because there is no binding needed.  Next, I didn’t want the cover bits on the two front pieces.  So one chipboard bit is at the back and one on the left “cover” piece.

Then, the base piece is shorter on the right, so that piece (the solid blocks edged by stripes in the first photo) wraps to the front – I’ll eventually add a figure-8 closure, I think.  And I;ve been playing with some hybrid bits to use in this, but I sort of have to decide on the subject first, although I think it’s kid-appopriate and not necessarily boy or girl specific.  I had a plan for it, but then changed my mind.

It’s been ages since I found the time to do a YouTube slide show so maybe I’ll don one for this that documents my changes.  They aren’t earth shattering alterations, but I do like to note them before I move on and forget what I did, especially if I am giving the item away to someone.  I’ll forget if I don’t!

And lovely Ludgershall crop this weekend so I really must plan a few page kits or I’ll be chatting, twiddling my thumbs and eating rather than scrapping. I took some photos to represent the hole left by DS leaving for Uni, so want to print them and plan a page as well as the ones on my blog earlier this week.  And if you saw the couple of  photos in Community on UKS, of the massive Chinook that made an emergency landing the other side of our back fence, that may wind up as a page too.   I also unearthed a bag of old Club Scrap kits, mostly intact, and I really must consider if I want to sell them on or use them.  One might wind up featuring in the next flip-book, who knows….