Getting back to it

Well, now that DS is safely away I can turn my thoughts to more crafty pursuits once again.  I’ve missed it!

But I still need a day of cleaning – and he will be interested to know one of my first acts, in payment for the fact he swaned off leaving his room is such a state it took me the better part of the day to sort it and clean it, was to pilfer his larger monitor.  No point it leaving it sitting on his desk unused, now is there?  He had a 2-monitor set up, like me, but his were a larger screen size. He only took one from the office to school so  I’m replacing one of mine with one of his (the other one has a row of dead pixels down one side of the screen and that would drive me crazy, so just the one will replace just one of mine, still increasing my screen real-estate by quite a lot)

To do that I need to address the mess on my desk.

But I wanted to post a couple of things.  First, I used to write  a weekly musing about scrapbooking for the UKS Home Page.  At some point, when I re-organized the contents of the Home Page, I dropped it, but I still go back occasionally and read them again.  This extract from one felt relevant to where I am, so I thought I would re-post ot here.


My Seven Deadly Sins of Scrapbooking!

1.  Lust – this time of year, or indeed any time of year when the manufacturers are all tempting us with yummy goodness in paper, supplies, tools, etc.,  lusting after new stash is definitely my top scrapooking sin.  It goes hand-in-hand with…

2. Gluttony – buying too much stash from the new lines when I have so much “had to have it” stash still waiting to be used.  Gluttony goes hand-in-hand with …

3.  Greed –  this, according to Wikipedia , includes the sin of hoarding, and if you saw the piles of near-ancient yet unused scrapping supplies, things I will NEVER, EVER use (well, probably never!) you would know this is another big one for me.

4.  Sloth – After spending WAY too much time sorting out my scrapspace. I can safely say that, at least this week, sloth is farther down my list of sins.  But I also know that while a beautiful mess is the natural by-product of my current method of scrapping (ie drag everything that might work out, shuffle it about for a few days, then when the page is done, try to ignore the mess until working in my space is not just difficult, but actually impossible, then grudgingly spend two days clearing it up) if I were better about putting stuff away while I scrap I might get more done!

5.  Anger/Wrath – Most of my scrapbooking anger comes down to me doing something stupid.  Wastefully cutting a strip off a single precious sheet of patterned paper, then cutting another strip off an adjacent side, making it most definitely NOT a 12 inch strip (this I do A LOT), or working on top of the mess and ruining something in the process.  All down to me so I am angry at myself!

6.  Envy – Sometimes I see a gorgeous layout, a really, really spectacular piece of work, or a stunning technique, and yes, I have a moment of envy when I think “Oh I wish I had thought of that!” but I try not to wallow in Envy – instead I vow to think outside the box more often, and try to schedule creative “play time”.

7.  Pride –  This is a tough one.  I am proud of my layouts, and I would expect to be, but if there is one area within Pride where I fall down it’s in not praising others enough.  I do see wonderful work scooting across the top line, and I always think “How stunning, I must comment..I’ll do that just after I finish dealing with these 20 reported posts ….”  then I don’t.  Shame on me!

So that’s my Seven Deadly Sins.  Are yours different?  Do tell!


Now, back to an older item….

I heard from Nikki, who won the custom set of hybrid printables from that post a few weeks back.  She was off enjoying a family holiday, which was why it took a week or so for her to realize she had won!  I’ve sent her the elements, and her initial reaction was positive, so phew! to that.

I am linking here to the PDF  so if you think they will be useful for you, grab ’em.  They are mostly quite simple shapes with nice WIDE borders, which I hope will make it easy for little hands to get some practice with cutting out, and most have journaling lines to help keep their writing straight.  Some have “prompts” to help them think what to write.  If you use them, I would love to see how.