Off to Uni

Well, after a week of hard graft, lots of shopping, a little cooking practice, and a manic morning, the car is packed and DS is off to Uni.

Where is that sweet-cheeked little lad that once was?  We sat watching some videos the other night, that FIL had transferred to DVD for us, of DS as a baby, right before we moved to the UK for the first time, when her was about 14 months old.  I cried.  I did.  A lot.  Not an empty nest quite yet, as DD is still here, but oddly unsettling nonetheless.  I hope he will have the best experience.

He was planning on taking his electronic drums, up until the last minute when it was obvious they simply would not fit in the car.  Perhaps that is for the best – or at least I suspect his flatmates will think so!

His quilt is finished and he is delighted with it – it’s not so “quilt-y” that he feels strange using it, and he love the cuddly backing.  Result.

How weird it is to see the essentials of his life compressed into such a small space.  Clothes, books, computer, essential kitchen items. food for a couple of weeks, except for fresh meat, eggs, milk, etc, his card decks and guitar and some paperwork.

And now, I must dash in to town to drop off a few shirts that were drying on the rail that both he, and I, managed to forget. So with luck, back to crafty blogging next week.  I’ll dry my tears and get ready for another slightly damp goodbye.

See you soon. And my sympathy to any Moms who share my experience this week.  It’s an essential step, yes, but no less of a wrench.