Busy, and not scrapping


Oh woe is me.  DS leaves for Uni next weekend and life has interrupted my scrapping.  Projects in the works include:

  • a recipe book of cheap and easy to prepare meals for a child who will do anything to avoid cooking, even to the point of opting not to eat
  • this little project, making use of old tee shirts culled from the active collection

  • packing, laundry, and shopping for boring but necessary clothing like socks and undies, a warm winter coat (it is Scotland, after all) and replacement tees
  • resolving arguments over who gets to take/keep essential books and DVDs (we are at an impasse over the Harry Potter books and Kung Fu Hustle, 3:10 to Yuma and the Buffy and Angel boxed sets.) And who gets the rice cooker.
  • cleaning his room and disassembling his bed  in preparation for room decorating in advance of  a visitor mid-October

That is, in fact, only a partial list.  Add lots and lots of cooking of favourite meals all week (so far, top of this list is enchiladas, gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnuts, and French toast), creating a start-up pantry  box of pasta, refried beans, and hot sauce, as well as other shelf-stable staples,  and much more sorting and ticking off of the must-have items for his new accommodation. And more boring shopping.

Funny, but I feel more upset over this life-changing event than I did when he went of to play group, the first (presumably most painful) breach in the mother-child relationship.  That produced not even a whimper from me – in fact, I recall neither of us feeling any particular tugging of the heartstrings then.  He walked in, went to his mates at the sand table and when it was time to leave, all the other new kids were crying and clinging to their Moms while I called to him, once, twice THREE times and said “I’m leaving now.” The boy didn’t even look up, just flung up a sandy hand and said “Seeya” and I did the happy dance all the way home.  Now, he still seems to have the same acceptance of this new stage in his life while I am feeling all out of sorts.  He’s my buddy.  Oh, sure, we knock heads on a daily basis about usual teen things, but we still enjoy watching movies together, talking about books, discussing the newest game he’s playing, and the occasional card trick.  He even looks at my crafty work and makes all the appropriate noises of praise, as well as an even more occasional “That’s cool.” I’ll miss that.  A lot.

I expect next weekend I’ll be weeping onto my keyboard for a fair bit of the time, while mentally planning how to make the best use of the newly vacated space.


6 thoughts on “Busy, and not scrapping

  1. Having done it twice now, I can sense something of what you might be feeling. And I hate to tell you that it’s just the beginning of goodbyes, then hellos, then goodbyes again … this is life. 😦 and :).

  2. Playgroup didn’t bother me either, or school. I just dropped them off and went on my way, quite happy that I would see them again in a few hours. Uni however, is a different matter. It’s a whole new stage, adulthood looms. He’s got an exciting adventure to look forward too, whilst you are left behind. (Sorry, not sure that this will make you feel any better!) it makes sense that he is excited, and you are sad. I am just dreading Katie going. She’s nearly 14 and I keep thinking that whilst it seems a long way off, it will be here before I know it, and definitely before I am ready.

    Where is he off to in Scotland?

    • He’s doing Games production and Design at Abertay in Dundee. But it was a close thing as to whether he would do a gap year and game competitively. He went to a huge 3000+ person LAN and came 34th in his first ever competition, losing to the top ranked professional player so while I do think the idea of playing Starcraft competitively is a bit bonkers I have to admire his skills. Or should that be skillz? He’s climbed the non-pro ladder fairly quickly, but still….it just seems so out there. You SAY you’ll support them in whatever they choose to do, but when it comes down to it, can you (I) really reconcile that? He could have said he’d decided to cook meth and I’d probably had only slighty more horror on my face at the announcement!

      • I am know I am old, and out of it, but I didn’t realise there were professional gaming competitions.

        I’ve heard good things about the Gaming course at Abertay, there is a guy on the Dibb who runs a gaming company and he has mentioned it a few times.

        • It does seem crazy, but it’s HUGE in South Korea. Big contests have top prizes in the $200,000 range – but how a kid from the US, living in the UK is suppose to compete with SK kids (and adults) who are online all day every day to gain the points and skill to do it as a job rather than a hobby is beyond me 🙂 Not that he hasn’t give it a good shot over the summer LOL! I must get the info on the guy from The Dibb – maybe get some insight into how useful the degree will be for the future and what they look for when looking at new recruits. every little helps, as they say!

  3. It really is a joyful pain..all that letting go and not having control and hoping they’ve listened to a single word of advice in 18 years, and then that heart on the outside stuff and then the shoulder shrugging and pretence that it’s all ok and preparation is boring. If you aren’t exhausted and shedding tears next weekend, you ain’t a human Mom! And lots of us know that y’are.

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