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WIP – and printables

Well, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post these or not, as I have been working on something that will use them and that is not anywhere near ready.  And I’m thinking of different colours anyway.  But I hate not posting when life is so busy that to get to the point were it is TOTALLY ready may take a while, so I’m throwing it up here for anyone to grab if they want it.

Not a great image, reduced, but it prints on an A4 sheet (hummm – having just printed a load of stuff on US letter size paper, I think it will print on them as well, but it occurs to me that is something to keep in mind for the future, if I am going to carry on with this!) and you can grab the PDF to print here. There are very faint journaling lines in the boxes.  The font is there and if you are even minimally versed in PSE or some other editing program you should be able to change the text or delete it entirely.  Have fun, and I’ll keep working on my project to share when I can.