WOYWW 115 – in progress and empty printables

Looking forward to visiting all the WOYWW desks – as always, it’s such an inspiring day.  No idea what I’m on about?  Pop over to Julia‘s and check it out!

I’m working on a layout using one of my favourite photos of DD – she’s such a sweetie.  I deleted the text circles from yesterday’s printables, and they are here as a PDF to print and cut.   I thought they might be useful.  Otherwise it’s just a busy day – I hope I’ll get time to finish it, but thankfully there is a crop this weekend (YAY!) so if not it’ll go in my bag for then.



Another set of printables

Note: do read at the bottom if you want to comment to win personalized “blog candy. I’ve never tried something like this before, but I need the practice and might as well practice on things people actually want LOL!

I am into circles, as you may have guessed.  I think they work well for both boys and girls, layer with other thing beautifully, can help soften the hard edges of the square or rectangular photos when flowers don’t work, and seem to be able to find a home on almost any layout.

I carefully sized these so you have a ton of options for cutting them.  Sure, you can use your scissors, but if you want to know how to use your other tools, here is a handy chart for how they will look:

(Sorry the photo is a bit crap – DD and I are off to have her night splint made and I don’t have a lot of time.  It’s still a bit dark here!)

On the left, from the top:

  • thin edged circle, punched with a 2″ punch.
  • thick edged circle cut with the 3rd up Standard Circles Large Nesties
  • thick edged circle cut with the 4th up Standard Circles Small Nesties

Of course you could cut the thin edged ones as well, leaving a larger white border but I didn’t have time to print and cut a 2nd set for you.

Next, on the right, you can see the effect with the Pinking Circles and the scallops.

  • thick edged circle cut with the Pinking circles Large 3rd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Pinking circles Small  3rd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Classic Scallop Large 2nd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Classic Scallop Small 2nd die up

You may be able to use the smaller dies to cut, for example, just the centre circle – just laying a die over one of them leads me to believe the Standard Circles Large, 2nd die up, will cut just the text circle, although it will be tricky to line up and keep from shifting when cutting, certainly with the Grand Calibur.  The Big Shot is likely to be a bit more stable as you don’t have to set it up then move the mat sandwich. Give it a go and let me know.

You can add stuff to the middle bit – a rub on, a small sticker, a bloom, whatever.  They look cute if you cut a bigger shape from corrugated kraft paper and layer them over it.

Now, this is assuming you want to print and cut them for a hybrid layout.  Click here for the PDF for printing. If you want to use them digitally, click here for the .PNG, clear background. There are a few things I think you could do to increase the usefulness of them. First, you can duplicate the PNG (so you don’t damage the original), draw a circle selection over them, invert the selection, and delete to get circles with an edging as thin or as thick as you want it.  You can def. just edit then excise the text circle.  And change the colours.

I tried to make the word bits fairly non specific.  You could draw another circle, use the eyedropper to select the same colours I used and fill it, then layer your own word circle over it or cover the words entirely.

That should give you a lot of options.  And if you want to match the font, it’s BonvenoCF, which is just a nice Sans Serif font.

I would love for people to comment on these and LMK if they have used them and how.  I wonder if anyone would be interested in a sort of blog candy sort of thing? Comment, tell me what you would like (purpose, shape, colour, words – so something like Journaling spot, bracket, earth tones, outdoorsy/camping) and I’ll pick someone with a random number generator and make them a set.  Right now I am making things that are useful to ME, but I am trying to figure out how to do different things so having some ideas to practice with would be great.  And I will share them. I’ll check the comments on Sunday and name the winner on Monday. {this is now closed}


Chop your Paper challenge

I have always chopped my paper – I love cutting bits out to embellish – so this challenge struck a definite chord with me.  But keeping in mind MY rules, I had to go back to my scrap box.  Although I do have a couple of newer sheets that are like the original on Shimelle ‘ sample, I wasn’t going to cut any of them up when I knew  had scraps  that needed using.

One rule-breaker is backgrounds.  I wanted to use scraps and I have lots of full 12″ one way papers, strips, or rectangles.  Oddly, and for no reason I can think of unless because I didn’t go to my scrap box first before cutting a new sheet, I seem to have a lot of duplicates.  Match them up and I might have been able to keep one sheet intact if I had checked the scrap box.  Oh well, no time for regrets, so here is how I sorted that.

The yellow dotty paper had the edge strip still intact, so that increased the area I could use.  Lining up the dotty paper on my gridded mat, I laid the smaller strip of the green circles over it and stuck it down. Then, matching the top edge of the bigger piece of green to the 12″ mark on my grid, I stuck that over the yellow.  Ta da! A 12 x 12 background from scraps.

Then I picked out three interesting papers that I thought would work with my photos.  funnily, the colours of the photos don’t really “go” with the papers, but Shim and I had a chat earlier and she explained her theory about matching papers to photos, that sometimes it can actually detract focus from the photos, as they then don’t really stand out colourwise.  She explained it a lot better, but I hope you get the drift.

So they share a couple of shades of green, and include pink, which works with the letters for the title, and two have that bouncy feel. The other, which is really a boy paper, has the brown and the green and a blue sort of like the blue in the floral paper.  Anyway I thought I could make it work.

Some bits pop-dotted and all inked with brown to unify the bits.  I looked thru my scrap box for either a single chunk big enough to handle both photos OR the pieces of brown the same colour and the right size.  HA! Like that search was ever going to end well. Instead, I picked two different shades of brown.  After matting them, I overlapped the right photo’s mat over the left photo’s mat.  It’s subtle, but I find I really like it.  It decreases the space between the photos and sort of unites them, without them being lined up.  And frankly, I was in danger of making another  layout with my 4x6s in a line, and I needed to shake that up a bit.  Again, perhaps not super noticeable, but this arrangement reinforces the flow between them – see how DDs head is pretty much in line between the two photos, even though the photos themselves aren’t? And the offset echos the theme of the layout better than a rigid line would.

Honestly, I do think about this stuff while working on my layouts.

Now, about the title.  Please do NOT tell me I mis-spelled it.  It’s intentional.  And this is the added story, on the back of the layout, for the Add to the Story Challenge! YAY! a Twofer.

So when DH and I were dating, we had a couple of rituals.  One was watching Wodehouse Playhouse on PBS on a Sunday night, and the other was listening to the late night Reggae show on WHFS.  Not to long ago I got a song I remember loving in my head and couldn’t shift it.  I went Googling.  No luck.  I knew it was called Whirly girls or perhaps Whirly girlies but try as I might, with every combination I could think of I just wasn’t finding it.  I thought it was by Ini Kamoze (it wasn’t, it’s by Bunny Wailer, so that didn’t help) and I was on the verge of giving up, esp. after DH said that he didn’t think that was the name, but just the chorus.  I didn’t give up, and in one search session I mis-typed WHIRLY as WIRLY.  Eureka!  So, the title is exactly right, just as it should be, as a nod to the search for that song.  Hear Wirly Girly on YouTube.


Starting Point Challenge

I like a challenge, but I refuse to be rushed.  It’s been a busy weekend, with lots of family stuff keeping me from my desk, but I’m plugging away at Shim’s challenges, slowly but surely.  What I will do is embrace the challenge.  What I won’t do is throw together a layout just to satisfy the rules. So I’m still pretty far behind.

This is for the Starting Point Challenge.  I’ve had these photos from back before I had even heard of scrapbooking, so they are less than perfect.  I’ve held off using them because the annoying flash burn in the photo that has the better smile, and all the clutter, ruin it a bit.  But I did want to capture the memory.

Way back in the early days of the Net, there were no forums, no blogs, heck there weren’t even URLs to make finding what you wanted even remotely easy.  I lived on the Usenet newsgroup through two pregnancies, and bizarrely the post I made after our son Alexander was born (and died) is still out there, nearly 20 years later. I went back to it after becoming pregnant with DS and stayed a part of the community, eventually dropping off when we moved to the UK.  Because it was a close community, and a huge one, we arranged occasional meet-ups.  Always strange to meet that mom who seemed to have all the answers, who’s kids, from her posts, seemed to be paragons of virtue and intelligence, and find them to be rude, wild and incontinent, sucking their thumb at 8, or meet the dad who felt so strongly about letting the kids cry themselves to sleep to train them to self-comfort,  and find him so fully under the thumb of his wife he couldn’t decide what to eat at the picnic without asking her.  Anyway, they decided to put together a yearbook, with photos and bios of anyone who wanted to be a part of it, then photocopy it and send it out.  I *think* the tee shirts were sold to help fund that, and we got one for DS.  Of course he had no idea what it was all about, but was happy enough to pose wearing it.

It was a big part of my life for many years, and despite the rubbish photos, it needed to be scrapped.  So I did.

I’ll add to the journaling envelope, once I have the time to Google for any posts I made that pertain to DS.  I expect they are out there as well, but I hope to get on and do another challenge before the end of the day, if the family doesn’t insist on being fed….

and fair warning – the post I linked to is not a happy one, so consider carefully whether you want to read it. There is a follow-up one that speaks to the funeral and aftermath, as well but that one is also quite rough going.


Stickers, stickers everywhere

Ah this was a fun one. I don’t have a ton of stickers, most of them are a bit old, but I managed to collect together quite a variety and they all seem to work together pretty well. In fact, with the exception of the bit of grid paper I used for the journaling, everything on the page is a sticker.

Let’s see if I can get them all named:

  • the two orange borders are Tres Jolie
  • the strip with the blue stripes is Provo Craft from my favourite sets ever, Stand-Outs, as is the striped circle in the middle, although I covered the word with a bit of a brown file tab from KI Memories.
  • the other circle in the middle is also KI memories, as are the photo corners.
  • the scalloped border is MME and the little dots are the waste from a Pink Paislee strip, as it the circle behind the O in the title
  • The clock face is from cosmo Cricket, the letter stickers are from….no idea – I only had the square with the letters that I cut from a larger sheet.
  • the middle bracket is American Crafts.

Do chipboard letters, even when they are the rubbish Heidi Swapp ones that don’t stick, count as stickers? I’m saying they do.  The letters in the bracket are stamped.

It took not very long to create the page, once I worked thru getting my hybrid/digi elements into my sister’s CM digital scrapbooking program with her (over the phone, long distance to North Carolina!), got DD thru her skating session on newly sharpened blades (heart in throat time,) watched a cheerleading movie with her, decorated a note book, and stopped at my crop to pick up some Nestie pinked circles.  Oh and cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.  Phew. Not the dedicated scrapping weekend I hoped for but hey ho.

I have LOVED seeing all the pages and the great ideas so many people came up with for using the digi bits Shim has on her blog for the challenge. Some of them have been SO creative.  I will def. make more, since I’m having so much fun doing them, but I’m really happy to be doing pages.  I’ve missed it.

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Shim’s sketch

This layout is from Shim’s sketch for her fabby scrappy weekend of challenges.  In reality, I suspect most would look at this and think it bears only passing resemblance to the sketch, but that’s just me.

I’m hoping to get a little scrapping done, and this page is one I had selected bits for (and my guidlines for the weekend are using nothing whole and nothing newly bought – scraps,  bits from my stash that have been already cut, embellishments that are old, the older the better, etc)  then never got around to at the crop itself.  As my usual crop in Basingstoke is tomorrow, and I can’t go (DH and DS are of at Cropredy so me and DD are having girlie time) I figure if I manage to squeak in a little scrapping it’s going to make up for it at least a bit.

So what does my layout share with the sketch?  Humm.  Well I did use my postage stamp scissors.  And it’s sort of the same orientation, although I had two photos to use.  I do have a couple of clusters of elements in sort of the right places.  I have a strip of images (birds) instead of a strip of photos, but that was Shim’s choice and not indicated on the sketch so I think I’m ok with that. I did a weird (for me) thing on this as I mixes white and cream.  I almost never do that, it’s either one or the other, but I find it doesn’t make me crazy like I thought it might. I think the bright white of the duvet cover in the photo makes it OK.

I really want to find the perfect “bit” to go  on the orange dot right above the photo, but what I’ve looked at and tested out so far hasn’t done the trick. Maybe I’ll stumble on something at some point but for now, it’s done.

Once I get ice skating and another movie with DD out of the way tomorrow I’m going to play along intermittently for the day.

And I see Shim has used my layout and printable for a challenge.  I am excited to see what people do with them.


Beachy journaling spots

So I had this idea.  I wanted to make some journaling spots that fit my Nestabilites dies.  After fighting with my little program, experimenting with Inkscape (OMG it’s so…so…PC looking!  Ugly. Plus X11, that lets me use it on my Mac is something like 113mb  and with the 85+mb for Inkscape itself I am just not sure it’s worth it), and getting some help from Lucille, the UKS Inkscape guru, on converting my image to a SVG, I discovered a few things of interest.

  • there is literally no point at all to making the bracket shaped frame for the printable version.  It’s actually much harder to try to line up an exact edge than it is to center the design as closely as you can then cut.
  • that there is also no point in trying to fit text along a path as curvy as the brackets, unless you want to spend entirely too much time both picking a good (CU-OK) font, then fiddling with the kerning and the baseline to try to get all the letters not squished at some points.  A simple round square looks good and the text binds to it beautifully.
  • that you really must remember to either design the PDF version with white filling the space or add it.  A png for digital scrapbooking needs to be filled.

I read someplace that ideally digital elements should NOT have a drop shadow included.  I guess I can see the sense in that – some people prefer light from the left over the right, some like a very soft shadow, others a more standing-tall one, some even prefer the shadow too be closer to the colour of the element instead of black, or at least a grey, or a linear burn.  So I didn’t add them.

I am less sure how to go with the journaling lines.  Would you use them for a digital layout or not?  Any advantage to making the journaling lines a separate image so you can cut/re-colour/resize as you prefer? Here is what it looks like cut out:

I’d love a bit of feedback if anyone grabs these – I am having fun, yes, and tend to design as a way to learn something in whatever program I am using, or just to figure out how to do it, but I don’t think it hurts to share, as I’ve already done the work.

They should fit the largest of the standard size Nestie brackets, if you print the PDF (click to download) and then lay the die over the design. And if you want to match the font it’s called Lobster 2 from Font Squirrel.

I’m experimenting – I tested it in the preview and if you click the image, you will see the full size.PNG that you can then right click to save.

Enough of this digital playing, fun as it is.  I have the boys off to Cropredy, DD wanting a trip to Hobby Craft and some Mom&Daughter cuddle time with a movie, and a layout I want to do!


Turkish Map Fold PDF

This came up on UKScrappers, and the member looking for it mentioned that “the best” instructions” were linked to a site to download the PDF that no longer existed.  I was able to search for it using the WayBack Machine (which I think I’ve mentioned before – it takes snapshots of internet sites and keeps them available even when the site disappears) and was lucky enough to find the PDF still available for download!

I added the link on UKS, but it occurred to me that people might search for it, find the UKS link, then not be able to download it as only members can see the links and download them.  So rather than have a whole host of people joining UKS just to be able to download the link, but never intending to actually become part of the community, I thought it would make more sense to repost it here.  The note in the file indicates so long as the  info file is included it can be shared freely so that is what I am doing.

So if you are searching for this link, it is dead and gone,  do NOT click on it! Click here instead to download the PDF.

Just adding this link as well – I like the little animation at the top !

Here is an image so you know what it’s all about! If you click the image you will go to the site the image came from.

Sorry to my WOYWW visitors if this one shows up first but, hey, you may appreciate the download as well!



What is on my workdesk this week (and if you have no idea what that means, you really must pop over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and check it out) is mostly hidden.  I seem to have had a run of stuff I can’t share yet.  And that has been keeping me busy and not blogging about it.   The good news is this one you only have to wait a few days for!

If you look back a post you can download a little set of printables, two colourways, featuring camera images.  Very simple stuff, to be honest, but I am having fun creating bits and bobs for my scrapping, learning how to do things, and playing discovering that while I am not, in my heart, a digital scrapbooker, I sure do enjoy digital techniques to make custom paper things I then get to cut and punch and ink and stick.  Very satisfying.  And I almost always share them so I hope someone out there will find them useful!

Now I’m off to see what YOU have on YOUR desk ….



Sunday-someplace-else (Iconian Fonts and a printable)

I was smitten with the camera paper Shimelle shared in at least one of her videos, even as she noted it was no longer being printed.  That’s me, a day late and a dollar short, as they say.  Then there was a cute set of camera spot printables as the UKS hybrid elements a couple of weeks ago, that I used on one of my 4×6 Photo Love layouts.  So cameras have been on my mind.

I love a good font or dingbat, and when I saw this one over at Iconian Fonts, I just knew it would be prefect for a set of camera spots.

I made up some spots to punch (and my punch is not marked with a size, but it’s the one that fits the smaller standard metal edged tags.  I did a more vibrant colourway and a more feminine colourway. Here is a tiny snapshot of them:

And because you have no hope of seeing the colours, here are some dots:

And finally, here are the PDFs to download.



They are a little tight on the page because there is so much on there.  Now you can convert them to a .png, because they are on a transparent background, if you think they would be useful for digital work, by opening them in PS or PSE and Save as PNG (on a Mac you should be able to open in PREVIEW and SAVE AS png that way.