WOYWW 117 – font collections


Really, look at the time.  Honestly I almost didn’t bother with WOYWW today because I am a little depressed.  You see, I had a problem last week with my font collections.  I had gotten thru to something like R and sorted them all into meaningful (to me)  collections.  So if I was looking for  a picture (dingbat) that had vegetables, I could easily find it.  Wanted a font with a really unique, mechanical look?  Easy.  Some fonts to audition that were flowing and scripty?  Yep.  Had a bunch o’ them.  Well, somehow, when I closed down Fontbook it managed to lose all of my collections.  They simply were not there when I reopened it.  ARGH.

So today, what is on my workdesk is actually on my desktop – my fonts, to be sorted once again.  I imagine it will take me a few days at least.  But the silver lining is that I learned some things from using my last sorted lists that I can put in to practice this time! The left screen is the beginning of my re-sort and the right is my playing with Louise’s problem, posted earlier in the week on UKS, of fancy ordinal numbers.

And what’s the deal with the WOYWW number?  I thought last week was 116? have I entered the Twilight Zone?

Oops.  There’s the decorator again…..


7 thoughts on “WOYWW 117 – font collections

  1. When I hit computer snags like that, all I do is call my son, sound really lost and the poor dear will take pity on his mom and sort it for me, usually! LOL How we manipulate the men in our lives to believe we can’t live without them.
    Happy WOYWW and Hope you get sorted real soon, otherwise I have my son’s number on speed dial.

  2. Oh I can’t imagine what that must have been like….. I would so much like to start using other Font’s besides the ones I have now, but I just have not taken the time to learn how to store them so I can find them to use…. I tried a few times but it just dose not seam to work for me….

  3. Arrgh, don’t you just love ’em and hate ’em! Happy sorting … and may they obediently turn up for duty next time you turn on the computer!

  4. Good Luck with the font retrieval – ah, technology, love it when it’s flowing well, become a axe wielding hatchet woman when not…or is that just hormones??? Hope you manage to sort out the problem with the minimum of fuss! Hugs, LLJ xx

  5. Good luck with the computer sorting.
    A x

  6. I noticed the 116 thing too! LOL! I KNOW that it is 117! Such a shame about the fonts! That must have taken forever! Good luck this time around. Thanks for sharing WOYWW (or is it WOY CPU?) -Amanda

  7. That is a major bummer. I would not be so patient and demand that my computer hubby did a magic trick with the hard drive…it’s gotta be in their somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

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