WOYWW 117 – font collections

Really, look at the time.  Honestly I almost didn’t bother with WOYWW today because I am a little depressed.  You see, I had a problem last week with my font collections.  I had gotten thru to something like R and sorted them all into meaningful (to me)  collections.  So if I was looking for  a picture (dingbat) that had vegetables, I could easily find it.  Wanted a font with a really unique, mechanical look?  Easy.  Some fonts to audition that were flowing and scripty?  Yep.  Had a bunch o’ them.  Well, somehow, when I closed down Fontbook it managed to lose all of my collections.  They simply were not there when I reopened it.  ARGH.

So today, what is on my workdesk is actually on my desktop – my fonts, to be sorted once again.  I imagine it will take me a few days at least.  But the silver lining is that I learned some things from using my last sorted lists that I can put in to practice this time! The left screen is the beginning of my re-sort and the right is my playing with Louise’s problem, posted earlier in the week on UKS, of fancy ordinal numbers.

And what’s the deal with the WOYWW number?  I thought last week was 116? have I entered the Twilight Zone?

Oops.  There’s the decorator again…..