Layout done and banner printables

We are back from our short break, relieved that Irene seems to have been not much more than a rainstorm over the areas of the East that family occupied at the time (which is more or less the Carolinas up to the Jersey shore) and frantically sorting out DS for Uni. I did manage to locate the camera and as I am stuck here with some decorators I figured I might as well post the finished final crop layout and the banner printables that I made to fill a gap.

Not a brilliant photo but there is too much going on to stage it nicely in my usual spot, plus the smell of paint is giving me a thumping headache. You can sort of see the little banner spots on the layout and there to the right.  I used them more decoratively but they would work for journaling spots as well.  You can grab them by clicking here to download. Pretty simple, but I wanted to try something a little different, shape-wise.