Last crop layout


This one can be thought of as the companion to the one called Wirly Girly – same scene, but see how differently DS treats hugs from Grammy and Grampy?

It will always annoy me, the choice I had to make about photo placement and the title – you see, we ALWAYS say GRAMMY and GRAMPY, that way.  But I vastly prefered the photos placed as they are, to reversed, and having placed them in that order, it seemed wrong to title it the way I would say it.  But somehow, Grampy and Grammy sounds … odd to my ear.  Oh well.  The little cream words are actually those old, old, old twist ties with words printed either end, so if you twist them together they for the phrase.  I just snipped them shorter and added them like word strips.  Works for me, and I d love using up old stash in a slightly new way – better than letting it languish in my stash, don’tcha think?

2 thoughts on “Last crop layout

  1. Think of film posters. If the leads have equal billing the one who’s name is second in the title gets their photo on the left to even things up. There’s no reason why you can’t have the title in the order you say it with the photos as they are. Grandparents deserve to be treated as film stars!

  2. Very nice!! Grammy & Grampy would love this one…you’ll have to make another one for them : )

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