WOYWW 116 – layout in progress


This is the layout I hadn’t quite finished at the crop, well on the way to being put in the album.  I will def. finish it today!  Thought I might manage it yesterday but got sidetracked by DD, as is usual. And the earthquake in Virginia, where my parents live.  Their house wasn’t close to the epicenter, and they were actually (wait for it…) on the Jersey Shore, where the family holiday house is.  Yes, yes, I know….we are of Italian descent but I assure you, no “situations” in our family.

Oh, and What’s the deal with non-stick sticky letters??  I thought it was just the HS ones, but these darn felt ones will not stay in place.  It’s doing my head in.

I have made the printable set for Nikki, still awaiting word from her.  Here’s a preview – I hope they fit her kid-friendly/bright/with lines requirements!

And now, do pop over the Julia’s Stamping Ground for a look at workdesks this Wednesday.  Perhaps you’ll find the germ of you next project on one of them!

24 thoughts on “WOYWW 116 – layout in progress

  1. Here I am!!!!!

    sorry was sunning myself in Rhodes on a family vacation. Just back today! Catching up on all my blogs I missed while I was away!

    At first glance these look fab – will have a proper look when I am all caught up in blog land!

  2. Your lovely LO’s make me wish I had the patience to scrapbook my piles of photos! TFS! #83

  3. I experienced two strong earth tremors when I was in LA several years ago Mary Anne and it was quite frightening, so I feel for your family but I’m glad to hear that everyone was safe.
    Loving your bright cheery LO and the set for journaling are fab, I’m sure she’s going to be pleased with them.
    Have a good week and ……….
    Happy Crafting!

  4. Hi Mary Anne!

    Yes, it was a bit random, me Cross-stitching at the crop, but everything was packed up for the move, and I just couldn’t get my head round trying to kit my pages. Next time hopefully will be a bit different!

    Love the layouts you did – I only saw the one for Belgo Centraal…

  5. Hey, fab lay out and glad your family is safe,

    felt is highly absorbent of water, so any water based glue will not allow you to easily stick –
    to get felt to stick: on the back of the felt shape apply a good layer of PVA ( I know this is still a water based) glue – Let it dry,
    When dry you can notice a fine sealed surface over the felt…
    reapply the pva and stick to your paper/card/substrate – the first layer should ‘seal’ the felt so the glue can stick when you apply the second layer,
    sewing felt onto paper is a beautiful alternative, either by hand or machine…


  6. MAry Anne I watched you on Saturday playing with that LO and I love it the colours draw me in I think. I had fun on Saturday I hope you did too.

    Thise printabes are fab thanks for sharing.

  7. That a fun LO …love the colours …so suit the photos. I have given up with sticky letters …I use glue on all of them nowadays.

  8. Glad your parents are safe and sound. Love the LO, but more importantly is that paper by it all little cameras? If so I NEED some who makes it?

  9. Love this layout – the colours in the photos are picked out very well in the paper and the letters. And talking of non-stick letters, my pet bugbear is non-stick rub-ons – I’ve given up on them and won’t be tempted to buy any more. Glad your parents didn’t come to any harm from the earthquake. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #60

  10. Love your bright, fun LO… positive vibes for your parents

  11. I love it!! Looks great…the colorful paper strips above and below the pictures is really nice!

  12. Glad to hear that your parents are unharmed..Jersey Shore – lol!! I don’t wanna set you off about the felt letters, but I have the plasticky thick thickers and they are horrible too. Argh. Turned out you were very productive at the crop, love the you already know!

  13. Hi ya
    gorgeous LO, fab lettering, luv the printable sheet,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  14. Love your journal pages. Very clever.

  15. loved your lay-out. it looks almost done to me. i feel the same about felt letters. have a great day.

  16. Great layout. It’s so fun and bright. Glad you’re parents are ok.

  17. That’s a bright and breezy LO – I like it very much!! Glad to hear your folks are ok xx

  18. Love the LO and look forward to seeing what you will do with the labels in the bottome pic.
    A x

  19. Fab desk and love those LOs. Shame the letters didn’t stick, it is always disappointing when that happens.
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  20. You always have such awesome layouts! Love all those colorful letters and journaling spots. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  21. The LO is great! Send the scrapping Mojo this way please, I really need him.
    Whats not to love about those printables? Gorgeous!
    Happy WOYWW

  22. A wonderful LO full of colour and zing! love those letters – sticky or not…and that printable set is just fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing today. Sarah (at 1)

  23. I always love your layouts. They are truly full of fun, have great composition, and lots of inspiration. I don’t scrapbook, so I had NO idea those stickers/letters don’t stick. That’s pretty sad when you pay for something and it doesn’t meet your expectations. Happy WOYWW from #3 this week.

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