Another layout


Layout two from the crop.  This one is perhaps my favourite of the four.

Not quite red and teal, but close.  Not sure why it’s my fave, although the photo of DS is quite cute – at 18 I don’t get him to mug for the camera quite so much as he once was willing to do.  Perhaps it is knowing he will be off to University so far away in just a few weeks, when I had just about wrapped my head around him taking a gap year, that is making me all nostalgic for the sweet little pre-teen he was.

Once, it was all about Thomas the Tank Engine.  Now, we are off to this for a few days:

How the times change.  Once, DD was all about Sesame Street and Teletubbies and now it’s popstars and make up tutorials on You Tube, although she still falls back on old favourites much more than DS does.  Funny, you spend so much time willing them to grow up, and when they finally do,  you wish for the simpler times, all cuddles and and the concept of Mom and Dad as the center of their universe, if only occasionally and temporarily.  This is one of the things I love about scrapbooking.  Somehow, taking the time to work on a layout, studying the photos, considering the journaling, it always seems to take me back.  The memories flow from the combination of photo and thoughts, and they somehow seem more real, more NOW, than some hazy recollection of the past, if only for a bit.

I got a lovely email yesterday from someone writing an article who wanted to use something of mine.  That made my day. Of course it’ll be months till that sees the light of day and who knows if my small contribution will make the final edit, but still nice to be asked.

And I have not heard back from Nikki, who got picked by the random number generator, in the comment-for-custom printables draw.  Now looking back at my comment section I can see she has commented regularly but never with her own blog link.  So Nikki, I’ve emailed you.  I hope you got it.  If not, I hope you see this.  I have a set of kid-friendly journaling spots ready for your preview! Get in touch!

Because there were few comments in that post that outlines what it was they wanted, I may simply work on the ideas posted for the practice, although perhaps not till next week.  If the comment had a blog or email, if I do something that you asked for, I’ll let you know.  As you can see I made myself a little blog badge for Hybrid scrapbooking, a la Shimelle’s proud scrapbooker badge.  Feel free to grab it if it appeals.


3 thoughts on “Another layout

  1. Oh I’ve got to get back to my scrapbooking……. you do such BEAUTIFUL work!!!

  2. will be looking to see what you do, perhaps something for autumn as it feels like that at the moment!

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