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Very productive at the crop on Saturday (YAY!) and managed three completed layouts and one more 90% done which I hope to finish off today.  This is the first one, the sketch of the week challenge from Shimelle.

I got the camera printables from SJ and do love them – I coloured one of the B&W ones in orange to match the layout.  Like circles, I think you can add a camera to any page and it will feel pretty much at home, and those sorts of things are very handy to have in your scrapbooking arsenal.

I have slightly mixed feelings about it – I used a fairly bizarre colour combo, drawn from the photos, and I fear it highlights DD a bit more than DS, as she is larger in the photo, more colourfully dressed, and most of the accent colours are hers.  SI readers may recall a layout I did in there about DS and his proclivity for black tee shirts (and I should mention that he’s colour-blind, so black makes matching an easy option for him.)

I can see Shim is now going to do a Starting Point Saturday, which is fab, because I really like the idea of beginning with something basic then taking it wherever you want, without the added confusion of a sketch that may influence you more than you intended. At this point I am just happy to have the kickstart I need to keep making pages and not to get sidetracked by other things.  I find I missed scrapping, as much as I enjoy cards occasionally, and challenges, and creating tutorials and making mini-books.  I have found my scrapbook-focus again and am finally making a dent in the HUGE backlog of photos I have.  And that feels good.

Note: I’ve emailed the random winner from the few comments I had of people interested in their own printables. I’ll post more on that when I hear back from her.

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