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Sunday-someplace-else (Non-Dairy Diary)

I stumbled on this blog and love it. You might too.

There is an interesting story about one of her art pieces that was lifted from her blog and turned into a retail line by an unscrupulous reader, who then tried to sue HER when she tried to make and sell prints of the same illustration (HER own illustration!), a ton of cute freebies to download and print, including sweet little Advent calendar houses, and some tutorials as well, including the one I first saw for drawing adorable little birdies in a few steps.

But that really only scratches the surface.  There is so much more there you will love, from a printable set of banners including an easy way to cut them (it’s all about the original shape – check it out) to fab French fish, and an interesting look at how kids celebrate April Fool’s Day there.  I love that one in particular. There are also some nice Photoshop tutorials, and this one on making a photo with a muddy grey background pop is quite good.  I want to work thru it in either my very old full Photoshop or my brand spankin’ new PSE and see if I can do the same.

All in all it def. makes my list of “must visit regularly” blogs.