Another set of printables

Note: do read at the bottom if you want to comment to win personalized “blog candy. I’ve never tried something like this before, but I need the practice and might as well practice on things people actually want LOL!

I am into circles, as you may have guessed.  I think they work well for both boys and girls, layer with other thing beautifully, can help soften the hard edges of the square or rectangular photos when flowers don’t work, and seem to be able to find a home on almost any layout.

I carefully sized these so you have a ton of options for cutting them.  Sure, you can use your scissors, but if you want to know how to use your other tools, here is a handy chart for how they will look:

(Sorry the photo is a bit crap – DD and I are off to have her night splint made and I don’t have a lot of time.  It’s still a bit dark here!)

On the left, from the top:

  • thin edged circle, punched with a 2″ punch.
  • thick edged circle cut with the 3rd up Standard Circles Large Nesties
  • thick edged circle cut with the 4th up Standard Circles Small Nesties

Of course you could cut the thin edged ones as well, leaving a larger white border but I didn’t have time to print and cut a 2nd set for you.

Next, on the right, you can see the effect with the Pinking Circles and the scallops.

  • thick edged circle cut with the Pinking circles Large 3rd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Pinking circles Small  3rd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Classic Scallop Large 2nd die up
  • thick edged circle cut with the Classic Scallop Small 2nd die up

You may be able to use the smaller dies to cut, for example, just the centre circle – just laying a die over one of them leads me to believe the Standard Circles Large, 2nd die up, will cut just the text circle, although it will be tricky to line up and keep from shifting when cutting, certainly with the Grand Calibur.  The Big Shot is likely to be a bit more stable as you don’t have to set it up then move the mat sandwich. Give it a go and let me know.

You can add stuff to the middle bit – a rub on, a small sticker, a bloom, whatever.  They look cute if you cut a bigger shape from corrugated kraft paper and layer them over it.

Now, this is assuming you want to print and cut them for a hybrid layout.  Click here for the PDF for printing. If you want to use them digitally, click here for the .PNG, clear background. There are a few things I think you could do to increase the usefulness of them. First, you can duplicate the PNG (so you don’t damage the original), draw a circle selection over them, invert the selection, and delete to get circles with an edging as thin or as thick as you want it.  You can def. just edit then excise the text circle.  And change the colours.

I tried to make the word bits fairly non specific.  You could draw another circle, use the eyedropper to select the same colours I used and fill it, then layer your own word circle over it or cover the words entirely.

That should give you a lot of options.  And if you want to match the font, it’s BonvenoCF, which is just a nice Sans Serif font.

I would love for people to comment on these and LMK if they have used them and how.  I wonder if anyone would be interested in a sort of blog candy sort of thing? Comment, tell me what you would like (purpose, shape, colour, words – so something like Journaling spot, bracket, earth tones, outdoorsy/camping) and I’ll pick someone with a random number generator and make them a set.  Right now I am making things that are useful to ME, but I am trying to figure out how to do different things so having some ideas to practice with would be great.  And I will share them. I’ll check the comments on Sunday and name the winner on Monday. {this is now closed}