Chop your Paper challenge

I have always chopped my paper – I love cutting bits out to embellish – so this challenge struck a definite chord with me.  But keeping in mind MY rules, I had to go back to my scrap box.  Although I do have a couple of newer sheets that are like the original on Shimelle ‘ sample, I wasn’t going to cut any of them up when I knew  had scraps  that needed using.

One rule-breaker is backgrounds.  I wanted to use scraps and I have lots of full 12″ one way papers, strips, or rectangles.  Oddly, and for no reason I can think of unless because I didn’t go to my scrap box first before cutting a new sheet, I seem to have a lot of duplicates.  Match them up and I might have been able to keep one sheet intact if I had checked the scrap box.  Oh well, no time for regrets, so here is how I sorted that.

The yellow dotty paper had the edge strip still intact, so that increased the area I could use.  Lining up the dotty paper on my gridded mat, I laid the smaller strip of the green circles over it and stuck it down. Then, matching the top edge of the bigger piece of green to the 12″ mark on my grid, I stuck that over the yellow.  Ta da! A 12 x 12 background from scraps.

Then I picked out three interesting papers that I thought would work with my photos.  funnily, the colours of the photos don’t really “go” with the papers, but Shim and I had a chat earlier and she explained her theory about matching papers to photos, that sometimes it can actually detract focus from the photos, as they then don’t really stand out colourwise.  She explained it a lot better, but I hope you get the drift.

So they share a couple of shades of green, and include pink, which works with the letters for the title, and two have that bouncy feel. The other, which is really a boy paper, has the brown and the green and a blue sort of like the blue in the floral paper.  Anyway I thought I could make it work.

Some bits pop-dotted and all inked with brown to unify the bits.  I looked thru my scrap box for either a single chunk big enough to handle both photos OR the pieces of brown the same colour and the right size.  HA! Like that search was ever going to end well. Instead, I picked two different shades of brown.  After matting them, I overlapped the right photo’s mat over the left photo’s mat.  It’s subtle, but I find I really like it.  It decreases the space between the photos and sort of unites them, without them being lined up.  And frankly, I was in danger of making another  layout with my 4x6s in a line, and I needed to shake that up a bit.  Again, perhaps not super noticeable, but this arrangement reinforces the flow between them – see how DDs head is pretty much in line between the two photos, even though the photos themselves aren’t? And the offset echos the theme of the layout better than a rigid line would.

Honestly, I do think about this stuff while working on my layouts.

Now, about the title.  Please do NOT tell me I mis-spelled it.  It’s intentional.  And this is the added story, on the back of the layout, for the Add to the Story Challenge! YAY! a Twofer.

So when DH and I were dating, we had a couple of rituals.  One was watching Wodehouse Playhouse on PBS on a Sunday night, and the other was listening to the late night Reggae show on WHFS.  Not to long ago I got a song I remember loving in my head and couldn’t shift it.  I went Googling.  No luck.  I knew it was called Whirly girls or perhaps Whirly girlies but try as I might, with every combination I could think of I just wasn’t finding it.  I thought it was by Ini Kamoze (it wasn’t, it’s by Bunny Wailer, so that didn’t help) and I was on the verge of giving up, esp. after DH said that he didn’t think that was the name, but just the chorus.  I didn’t give up, and in one search session I mis-typed WHIRLY as WIRLY.  Eureka!  So, the title is exactly right, just as it should be, as a nod to the search for that song.  Hear Wirly Girly on YouTube.