Starting Point Challenge


I like a challenge, but I refuse to be rushed.  It’s been a busy weekend, with lots of family stuff keeping me from my desk, but I’m plugging away at Shim’s challenges, slowly but surely.  What I will do is embrace the challenge.  What I won’t do is throw together a layout just to satisfy the rules. So I’m still pretty far behind.

This is for the Starting Point Challenge.  I’ve had these photos from back before I had even heard of scrapbooking, so they are less than perfect.  I’ve held off using them because the annoying flash burn in the photo that has the better smile, and all the clutter, ruin it a bit.  But I did want to capture the memory.

Way back in the early days of the Net, there were no forums, no blogs, heck there weren’t even URLs to make finding what you wanted even remotely easy.  I lived on the Usenet newsgroup through two pregnancies, and bizarrely the post I made after our son Alexander was born (and died) is still out there, nearly 20 years later. I went back to it after becoming pregnant with DS and stayed a part of the community, eventually dropping off when we moved to the UK.  Because it was a close community, and a huge one, we arranged occasional meet-ups.  Always strange to meet that mom who seemed to have all the answers, who’s kids, from her posts, seemed to be paragons of virtue and intelligence, and find them to be rude, wild and incontinent, sucking their thumb at 8, or meet the dad who felt so strongly about letting the kids cry themselves to sleep to train them to self-comfort,  and find him so fully under the thumb of his wife he couldn’t decide what to eat at the picnic without asking her.  Anyway, they decided to put together a yearbook, with photos and bios of anyone who wanted to be a part of it, then photocopy it and send it out.  I *think* the tee shirts were sold to help fund that, and we got one for DS.  Of course he had no idea what it was all about, but was happy enough to pose wearing it.

It was a big part of my life for many years, and despite the rubbish photos, it needed to be scrapped.  So I did.

I’ll add to the journaling envelope, once I have the time to Google for any posts I made that pertain to DS.  I expect they are out there as well, but I hope to get on and do another challenge before the end of the day, if the family doesn’t insist on being fed….

and fair warning – the post I linked to is not a happy one, so consider carefully whether you want to read it. There is a follow-up one that speaks to the funeral and aftermath, as well but that one is also quite rough going.

3 thoughts on “Starting Point Challenge

  1. Lovely page and I loved reading your story xx

  2. Oh, I love this!!! It’s so busy and happy!!

  3. Oh bless him. Lovely LO. I love your envelope idea x

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