Beachy journaling spots

So I had this idea.  I wanted to make some journaling spots that fit my Nestabilites dies.  After fighting with my little program, experimenting with Inkscape (OMG it’s so…so…PC looking!  Ugly. Plus X11, that lets me use it on my Mac is something like 113mb  and with the 85+mb for Inkscape itself I am just not sure it’s worth it), and getting some help from Lucille, the UKS Inkscape guru, on converting my image to a SVG, I discovered a few things of interest.

  • there is literally no point at all to making the bracket shaped frame for the printable version.  It’s actually much harder to try to line up an exact edge than it is to center the design as closely as you can then cut.
  • that there is also no point in trying to fit text along a path as curvy as the brackets, unless you want to spend entirely too much time both picking a good (CU-OK) font, then fiddling with the kerning and the baseline to try to get all the letters not squished at some points.  A simple round square looks good and the text binds to it beautifully.
  • that you really must remember to either design the PDF version with white filling the space or add it.  A png for digital scrapbooking needs to be filled.

I read someplace that ideally digital elements should NOT have a drop shadow included.  I guess I can see the sense in that – some people prefer light from the left over the right, some like a very soft shadow, others a more standing-tall one, some even prefer the shadow too be closer to the colour of the element instead of black, or at least a grey, or a linear burn.  So I didn’t add them.

I am less sure how to go with the journaling lines.  Would you use them for a digital layout or not?  Any advantage to making the journaling lines a separate image so you can cut/re-colour/resize as you prefer? Here is what it looks like cut out:

I’d love a bit of feedback if anyone grabs these – I am having fun, yes, and tend to design as a way to learn something in whatever program I am using, or just to figure out how to do it, but I don’t think it hurts to share, as I’ve already done the work.

They should fit the largest of the standard size Nestie brackets, if you print the PDF (click to download) and then lay the die over the design. And if you want to match the font it’s called Lobster 2 from Font Squirrel.

I’m experimenting – I tested it in the preview and if you click the image, you will see the full size.PNG that you can then right click to save.

Enough of this digital playing, fun as it is.  I have the boys off to Cropredy, DD wanting a trip to Hobby Craft and some Mom&Daughter cuddle time with a movie, and a layout I want to do!