What is on my workdesk this week (and if you have no idea what that means, you really must pop over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and check it out) is mostly hidden.  I seem to have had a run of stuff I can’t share yet.  And that has been keeping me busy and not blogging about it.   The good news is this one you only have to wait a few days for!

If you look back a post you can download a little set of printables, two colourways, featuring camera images.  Very simple stuff, to be honest, but I am having fun creating bits and bobs for my scrapping, learning how to do things, and playing discovering that while I am not, in my heart, a digital scrapbooker, I sure do enjoy digital techniques to make custom paper things I then get to cut and punch and ink and stick.  Very satisfying.  And I almost always share them so I hope someone out there will find them useful!

Now I’m off to see what YOU have on YOUR desk ….


20 thoughts on “WOYWW 114

  1. Hi Mary Anne, just popping by to say thanks so much for the printables for Shimelle’s challenge – I’ve used them and they are great.
    Mini x

  2. Hi Mary Anne, looking forward to seeing your layout and will take a look at your back post when I have a minute. I tinker on my pc using one or other of my graphic programmes, especially when I want a customised insert or greeting topper, but I’m nowhere near as adventurous, or knowledgable as you. Thanks for the interesting posts. Elizabeth x #60

  3. where in the world are you??? my desk picture taken at 0800 gmt+1 looks like the black holel of calcutta, and yet you are bathed, yes bathed, in sunlight, I am in envy of your desk light…


  4. thanks for the glimpse. Have a great day

  5. Printing out digi paper to use on cards is as far as I get with using the digital stuff I’m afraid! Wonder what you’ve been working on there???


  6. Looks like you have had fun playing!
    Happy WOYWW

  7. oh what a temptation to lean into the computer image and lift off that bit of white paper, lol. I havent been keeping as up to date with the printables off UKS, so must go back and have a good snoop….well after having my WOYWW snoop that is….
    caroline #83

  8. Well, you’re using my current fave 12 x 12 and it involves roundy things saying jump dance, blah’s gonna be lovely! Thanks for the pdf thingy – great I might actually get around to trying!

  9. Your hidden creation looks very interesting …cant wait to see it.

  10. Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  11. Such a lot going on on that desk today. What fun.
    A x

  12. Really interesting stuff… and have a great week.. Don’t forget my swap

  13. looked back at some of the previous posts and you are doing an awesome job getting that hybrid scraping down. I bought the Stampin Up program but haven’t done much with it yet. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  14. Nice busy desk there! I love hybrid scrapping too – I figure I spend too much time on the pc doing other stuff so I am not going the whole hog and scrapping on there too so I love to print out bits and pieces and sit happily at my craft table cutting them all out too! Love the digi elements on the post before if I get chance I will try and make use of them! (but then you know me it will probably be in about 2 years time!) – thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi ya
    a very creative desk, i like doin digi scrap booking, agree i couldnt cut the letters out,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  16. looks like a great space with lots of crafty fun and discoveries going on!
    I also have a Dutch pretties parcel giveaway on my blog today if you fancy some colour!
    Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
    Sarah at 3

  17. looks like a lovely page to me!!!

  18. You must have soo much more patience than me. I know that half those little letters would end up ripped/on the floor/floating in my tea if I attempted to use them !!

  19. Aha! Well it has circles on it… which look like fun!! Will check on your previous posts… haven’t had much time to hoppity about lately so I thought I would stay up late tonight… its nearly the witching hour which could be dodgy…

  20. Well, aren’t you the sneaky teaser! I am glad to read you like doing the digital and turning it into a hybrid. Happy WOYww

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