Sunday-someplace-else (Iconian Fonts and a printable)

I was smitten with the camera paper Shimelle shared in at least one of her videos, even as she noted it was no longer being printed.  That’s me, a day late and a dollar short, as they say.  Then there was a cute set of camera spot printables as the UKS hybrid elements a couple of weeks ago, that I used on one of my 4×6 Photo Love layouts.  So cameras have been on my mind.

I love a good font or dingbat, and when I saw this one over at Iconian Fonts, I just knew it would be prefect for a set of camera spots.

I made up some spots to punch (and my punch is not marked with a size, but it’s the one that fits the smaller standard metal edged tags.  I did a more vibrant colourway and a more feminine colourway. Here is a tiny snapshot of them:

And because you have no hope of seeing the colours, here are some dots:

And finally, here are the PDFs to download.



They are a little tight on the page because there is so much on there.  Now you can convert them to a .png, because they are on a transparent background, if you think they would be useful for digital work, by opening them in PS or PSE and Save as PNG (on a Mac you should be able to open in PREVIEW and SAVE AS png that way.