Still playing with printable journaling tags and elements


Yes, I am stuck in a groove at the moment.  Both learning what I can do with my newly upgraded Intaglio and trying out a few things.

I was also sorting through some stuff, and looking at papers for use on a layout I am thinking of.  In my head, the making elements and one of the papers that I may (or may not) use collided and it occurred to me that nothing gets my goat more than colours that are just a shade too OFF to go.  Reds, in particular seem to be either just that little bit too orange or little bit to blue and there is nothing worse that two warring reds on a page.  It just hits me like a slap with a dead fish.  And to look at a piece of paper and then the colour picker and get the shade right is just too difficult.  So I was looking at the paper and looking at the colour wheel and I had a thought.  I jumped on to the manufacturer’s website and grabbed the .jpg of the paper. I opened that up in Photoshop elements, and using the eye dropper I selected the colours I thought I wanted to use.  As I selected them I made note of the RGB values.

One of my favourite things about Intaglio is the thing they call wells.  In the colour selection window you can add your colour combos and then call on them by just clicking, or clicking and dragging to fill a well (like the STROKE colour or the FILL colour or even the FONT colour!)

So at the top you see the RGB sliders.  All I have to do is enter the values in the box, then drag a little square of colour down into the empty boxes at the bottom.  I tend to use one line for each project, and I think you are limited to the 10 lines, but each line can hold at least 2 (and for some three) sets with a blank square to denote the break.  Nifty.

Now I am not saying that the colours picked from a web page are going to be EXACTLY the same as the paper, but even for journaling or a title that you print, getting it closer than you are likely to be able to do by eye is a huge benefit to me.

And it means that if I want to create a journaling tag, which (after font printing) is the thing I do most, I can do it to tone with the paper a whole lot better than I could by eye.

What really interests me is how the results print on another printer! So I made these luggage tag-like journaling spots:

Mostly it was to test out how well my idea worked when printed (pretty darn good from my printer, frankly) and to try out a few of the path editing tools (like to get the rounded one side/square the other side rectangles) and now I wonder – do you have Crate Paper Neighborhood (Garden?) If you do, want to try printing the PDF you can get here and compare it and let me know if you would be happy to use the elements with the paper?  I wonder if the quality is good on a variety of printers? Please let me know your results.


3 thoughts on “Still playing with printable journaling tags and elements

  1. I think these are FABULOUS!!!
    Love when you play with the printable journaling tags!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. these are lovely.. thanks so much for sharing…

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