Printable journaling spots


My DH is ready to shoot me.  I am running well behind on my Mac OS because I know, love, and depend on Appleworks.  It’s ancient, but try as many options as I may, NONE of the ones I have found do EXACTLY what Appleworks does.  Every time he sits down at my desktop he cringes.

One of the programs I got to see if it would so what I needed (and because I am also running a very old version of Photoshop, that doesn’t include the nifty text-along-a-path that newer versions do, and this program did) is Intaglio.  I’ve been having a play with it and I do like it.  I particularly like the way the grid works and the easy way you line things up.  The colour picking thing isn’t as good, but overall the bind-text-to-path is so easy to work with.  And it is very simple, vs Photoshop, but very powerful.

I had a bash at a few journaling spots. Not something to set the world alight, but I figured since I had to create something in order to practice, and since they turned out ok, I might as well put them up for anyone who thinks they might be useful.

Note: there ARE very faint, light grey, dotted journaling lines in the middle which you probably cat’s see on the screen in the smaller, low-res size)

With any luck, you should be able to download a PDF, much higher quality for printing, by clicking here. Pretty basic, but I think they will be useful.  Now I’m off to have another play and see if I can make an idea I have come to fruition.


2 thoughts on “Printable journaling spots

  1. I too love Appleworks. When I upgraded to Snow Leopard a few years ago, my computer guru went ahead and transferred Appleworks for me. However, he encouraged me to “get used” to Word. I’m getting better, but still think Appleworks is much easier. Anyway, don’t let that stop you from upgrading your OS.

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