Printable journaling spots

My DH is ready to shoot me.  I am running well behind on my Mac OS because I know, love, and depend on Appleworks.  It’s ancient, but try as many options as I may, NONE of the ones I have found do EXACTLY what Appleworks does.  Every time he sits down at my desktop he cringes.

One of the programs I got to see if it would so what I needed (and because I am also running a very old version of Photoshop, that doesn’t include the nifty text-along-a-path that newer versions do, and this program did) is Intaglio.  I’ve been having a play with it and I do like it.  I particularly like the way the grid works and the easy way you line things up.  The colour picking thing isn’t as good, but overall the bind-text-to-path is so easy to work with.  And it is very simple, vs Photoshop, but very powerful.

I had a bash at a few journaling spots. Not something to set the world alight, but I figured since I had to create something in order to practice, and since they turned out ok, I might as well put them up for anyone who thinks they might be useful.

Note: there ARE very faint, light grey, dotted journaling lines in the middle which you probably cat’s see on the screen in the smaller, low-res size)

With any luck, you should be able to download a PDF, much higher quality for printing, by clicking here. Pretty basic, but I think they will be useful.  Now I’m off to have another play and see if I can make an idea I have come to fruition.