Back to loving 4x6s

I let my attention wander from scrapping but now I have finally completed a layout I had set aside to work on at the last crop – the one where I got way too focused on a mag project and never managed anything else the whole day – so now I’ve done the first ONE PHOTO layout. I need a checklist so I can see which of the old ones still need doing. Still quite focused on using up stash, and I have a ton of those spikey-backed things – what ARE they called? that I never have seemed to use. They worked well for this layout, I think. otherwise, old paper, old photo, old chipboard circles, old-ish letter stickers (and brand new corrugated cardboard stickers! My one concession to the old stash rule)

Still writing on my layouts instead of computer journaling an ya know what?  I think my messy writing is starting to grow on me a bit.  I’ll never win any prizes, or have anyone decide to make my writing into a font, but it is mine I should own it.

As a sort of side musing to that, while cleaning out one of the MANY “junk drawers” I can across a little card that my Grandma had sent with our engagement present (an electric knife, if I recall, and it’s a testament to our marriage that in 25+ years I never turned it on DH in a fit of pique) and the sight of her handwriting, which, to be fair, was even worse than mine, actually reduced me to tears.  Especially now that my pages don’t have to appear in print, I think the potentially emotional charge my kids may one day get out of seeing my writing on the page HAS to trump the aesthetics.  Just my humble opinion, and yes, a complete about-face to my strong feelings in past years that bad handwriting was second best to neat journaling.  But hey, a girl can change her mind, can’t she?