Julia will laugh at me – I’m still trying to sort out the small item I struggled with at the crop, and think I’ve cracked it.  Phew.

Pop over to her place to see all the workdesks and what everyone is up to.  Mine may not be hugely inspiring today (Fun Foam for cutting little Thicker-style letters, the remains of the little card, some papers from Kraft Krazy – how lovely Tracey was to drag out the box of Christmas papers for me, so many months early! – and a whole pile ‘0 mess) but there are some great projects on show, every week.

Funnily enough the rest of my room is in pretty good shape, and my scraps have been tamed.It’s just my desk that looks like a bomb site.

I’d be very interested in any comments on the previous post regarding sympathy cards, if you are so inclined.  Are there any cardmakers who don’t struggle with them?

Anyway, I am also struggling with my Nesties, and something I am trying out that refuses to cooperate.  That may still come, or I may abandon it.  Only time will tell.

Happy WOYWW folks.