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Just a quick one today, but a long post tomorrow dealing with a comment from last week about sympathy cards.

There was an interesting post on Frugal Crafter about WHY you should clean up and organize your craft room.  It’s brief but worth a look.  Having spend some time finally sorting out my mountain of scraps, I can see the sense in what she says. What she doesn’t say is that for a time you will keep going back to where the stuff you want WAS until you re-set your brain map to remember where the stuff NOW IS.  But I do agree, a good ‘ole tidy up really can re-energize your crafting and def. bring to the front of your crafting mind stuff you forgot you had.

And just a super quick, super simple, but oh so cute idea for making your own Polaroid-style frame.  I always forget how cute photos look with the old style frame around them, but they do look sweet.

I like how Christine layered the frame OVER the already decorated page in her mini.

Have a great Sunday!