Went to my crop on Saturday, had a blast, as ever, but got not one iota of scrapping done.  I had something to work on that needed working out, but it took most of the day and sharing will have to wait.

But one of my crop mates asked my advice about a layout (well, to be honest I think it was suggested to her to ask me, and I heard the suggestion and rather forced my opinion on her LOL!)  And after commenting on a colour choice that I thought just looked wrong, and then agonizing for ages that I had seriously offended her by doing so, I spent some time trying to explain why it didn’t work for me, and what I thought she might do differently and why I thought THAT would work better. I usually don’t do that, fully aware that MY taste is not everyone’s taste, and recalling asking someone at a crop what they thought I should do with a particular photo, KNOWING the advice was HER style and not even remotely mine, feeling the pressure to take the advice, doing it, and hating the results, and still hating the layout every time I come across it in my album.  We joked quite a bit about the whole situation so I hope it’s all good and she isn’t feeling like I did all those years ago.

I also spent WA A A Y too much time fighting with that damn Do die (and oh at times I wished it WOULD die a horrible and painful death, mangled in any one of the cutting machines I used it in) but darn it I still like the font.

So, on the first I’ll say no more – as they say “what goes on at the crop stays at the crop!” I don’t even know if she makes a habit of reading my blog, but I do know some of the attendees do, so I’ll share this old project as a bit of a joke.  A little book from EONS ago sharing DSs love of orange and my loathing of it.

I still love the little pop-outs and looking back at it makes me want to do another one.

But not this week.  Taking some time to spend time with DD, who is finally out of school, taking in a movie with DS, getting them ready for a weekend at WOMAD, and attacking my box of scraps, which seems, entirely on it’s own mind you, to have morphed into a mountain of scraps, spilling out of the neat little bags and folders all OVER the floor.  You know it takes a lot for me to miss out on a WOYWW, but this week more pressing matters have been grabbing my attention.