Well, yesterday I got sidetracked from what I WAS working on (a card) by the arrival of the replacement die from DOCraft. So the card is still on my desk in bits:

The whole sad saga of the die that would not release the letters can be seen here.  Anyway, as soon as I opened the package I looked at the depth of the foam and I KNEW the replacement was no better than the original.  And it wasn’t. The letters were still wedged inside the die, tighter than a drum, and teasing them out with a pokey tool left them in a heck of a state.

BUT, I had a few suggestions from various people – first I tried Julia’s suggestion, via a comment on that post, to add a layer of tissue between the die and the paper – not much help, I’m sorry to say.  And I tried cutting multiple layers of paper,  as a few had suggested, but that just seemed to wedge the paper more deeply into the die.

So I thought, I don’t have any wax paper (another suggestions via UKScrappers) but maybe freezer paper, with the plastic coating would work – my thought was if the freezer paper got stuck inside the die part (Plastic coated side up) then the cut letters would slide off it. No. The freezer paper just fell out

So I thought what if I cut some foam? Maybe the foam would stay inside the die part? Or maybe if I cut the foam AND the paper at the same time it would work. It didn’t, but I did get perfectly cut, easy to remove foam Thicker-like letters. So adorable! Almost salvaged the die with that ability, even if I couldn’t use it for paper, which is why I bought it.

But then I saw some of my fun foam was sticky backed. And that was the ticket! I peeled off the backing sheet, stuck the sticky side of the foam to the existing foam and ran it thru the machine. ALL of it stuck down into the letters. THEN I cut, as normal, the cardstock.

OMG The letters almost fell out of the die!! Some of the edges are the TINIEST bit ragged (and I mean TINIEST bit) but I think with use they will cut better – the 2nd set is crisper than the first, so maybe as the foam sinks in and compresses it will work better.

Now I had 2 dies to play with, so I thought the unaltered one I would use for cutting foam but then I thought why not give the foam a go with the added-foam die? And guess what? That worked too!
So while I still think the die should have worked perfectly right out of the package, at least now I can make my own foam thickers AND can actually use the die for cardstock.  And I have to spare a little praise for the Do Craft customer service person who sent me the replacement (despite it being not their usual policy, which is take it back to the retailer) – it still didn’t work any better, but having the safety net of two allowed me to experiment and arrive at what I think is a workable solution to the product problem.

Do pop over to Julia’s STAMPING GROUND to see more creative and inspiring work than what’s on my desk this week.

24 thoughts on “WOYWW 111

  1. Someone just pointed me to your post about cutting foam, because I just discovered how much better one of my dies works with foam than paper :). Glad to see I’m not the only one with die problems!

  2. Glad you could work out a solution! Love those foam letters. I’ve been experimenting with foam and plastic packaging. Glue it on backwards and ta da instant stamps, so you could make all sorts of wonderful word stamps if you are so inclined :D. #104

  3. You are a genius. And those foam letters are the bees knees. You’ve potentially saved me a small fortune in thickers.

  4. What a lot of trouble … they should sort this out …obviously a design fault ….but I think i would have kept it as a ‘Thickers maker’ lol.

  5. Glad you found a solution. Perhaps Docrafts need to pay attention and add a thicker layer of foam on the die to start with!

  6. Glad you got it sorted now MaryAnne, but what a palaver!!

    I was going to get that die but i don’t think i’ll bother now:-(
    Have a great weekend:-D


  7. I hate it when something I buy doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. You have a lot more patience then I do cause I probably would have thrown it out! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  8. I have an epic six from Quickutz (almost unknown but a good one) and have had to figure out all my own sandwiches…I also see from workshops that all machines even the best are different needing extra bits – so just go for it. You must be so chuffed I did a happy dance when I sussed out mine!

  9. What a shame about the die, you must have felt really frustrated, well done on sorting it out. To be honest I don’t buy Do Craft products and after reading your post I doubt I will be tempted to buy their dies either. Thank you for sharing.
    Kathleen x

  10. Well done for being so resourceful – those foam letters are fab! I’ve found with dies, perhaps more than anything else, you get what you pay for, particularly in terms of product testing. I do love those letters, tho!
    Helen S

  11. I’m a Spellbinders girl myself and sometimes if a die sticks the next time I use it, I put wax paper from the kitchen down on the die and then the paper and run it through the machine. Works great for most dies. Give it a try!

  12. Bit of a saga but glad you got there in the end! I’ve had a similar issue too; also managed to get sorted though! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Such fab work its all so unique! hugs Rebekah #60 xx

  14. Well done sorting out the problem. I bet it’s helped so many people too. Thanks for the inspiration of the Star card which I made and blogged…..and given you a shout out too. I love it an will make lots more.
    Love JoZarty x

  15. Genius. So glad you’ve found a solution. Doesn’t excuse DO from jumping on a market they haven’t tested and don’t really understand…ragged cutting aside, the release is everything. I find it happens a lot with DO products…they need to go an extra mile in test and try – it’s not enough to have attractive pricing if nothing works properly. But you knew that, huh.

  16. Never seen sticky backed foam but glad you have and you got sorted. Was intrigued by your first picture but guess it is something to do with the star card in the post below – going to investigate now.
    Thanks for sharing – Hugs, Neet x #3

  17. Isn’t it great when your persevere and eventually solve your problem? Well done you.
    A x

  18. Congratulations on sticking with it and finding a solution, I confess I do not own any Docraft dies – true Spellbinders girl here! Be great to see projects with your new die cuts 🙂

  19. OMG! What a die saga! 🙂 But you ended up with a solution which is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi ya
    lol well done on sorting it out, luv the foam letters, i have a couple of dies that stick the paper in tight n require a pokey tool, look forward to seeing that card finished great shape, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  21. LOL at the foam OMG!!!! Wow what persistence you have with that die … I confess to having given up before then!!!
    Great looking card too on the go.
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  22. They say never give up try try and try again !You certsinly did and WOW just love the thickers im soooo jealous as i buy these and they are expensive!See us crafters never give up without a you long continue to have fun and try ideas with your die!
    Have fab wednesday and a creative week
    hugs jude 8

  23. Wow you have your own Thicker maker lol!! It’s not good MA when you are buying from such a big company and it’s poor quality.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday x

  24. LOL… love the OMG you have in foam… how cool to find that you can now save a fortune on Thickers though!! and cut extra so you never have to work out how to say something in a title with words that don’t use the letters C,T and A… they are always the ones I run out of!!

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