Beautiful card

I was checking out the challenge over at the Stampotique site (flowers this week, any stamps) with an idea to setting aside my digital doings for a day or two, and I spied this card by Valerie – so, so pretty and such a clever interactive one.

I followed her link to this site and then watched the video – thank goodness it included English instructions! AND the original blog is translated.

I just love it and am determined to make one – and do another 4×6 Photo Love layout, if I can find photos in the right orientation.  With just a couple it’s easy to find two, three, or sometimes even four that are all landscape or all portrait, but to find five, six, MORE all the same way is tricky.  I have managed to cobble together a 4 x 6 grouping of photos, but that feels like cheating somehow.

Anyway, I’ve a few things that need sorting so it may be a while till I get around to this today but I will do it – I think I have just the paper scraps to make one.

Have a look – it really isn’t hard, and I figure I can make it and still have time to clean the house.  Here’s hoping…..