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Sunday-someplace-else (digi tutorials)

As you may know, my DH is an app developer.  He’s been working on a few major things (not that you are likely to see his name associated with them) and one of them required my help.  It isn’t scrapbooking but shares elements with it in the sense that the “art” is scrap-like, if that makes sense.

So while I am not a digital scrapper, although I have made digital layouts – at best I am a hybrid scrapper, using digital bits and techniques on my paper pages – I needed to figure out how to do a few things.  And I decided that, given how old my full Photoshop version is, I needed to do so in PSE, which is pretty up to date.  And quite annoyingly in order to access my full font library in  my old PS7 I have to disable 1000s of font to get past about H as the version I have, for whatever reason, will only load something like 400 fonts and I have like 5000. So I went looking for tutorials for PSE.  Now, there are LOTS of tuts for digital SCRAPPING (ie how to construct a page, how to use a template) there is precious little for making digital elements from scratch – and that was what I was looking for.  I was particularly confuddled by making a scallop.  Brushes are not something I ever really used, but it turns out they are the magic key to making a perfectly lined up row of circles (or squares on point to create a ric rak like line) and it takes seconds.

A couple of the best, clearest tutorials I found are here:

I am stunned it is so amazingly simple.

I also found the inked-edges tutorial helpful,  although I did have to follow a few links to find a PSE version on YouTube. This post on 2Peas was a great one for learning how to use brushes to create digital papers!

I have been collecting these links for digi-stuff, and learning lots to create bits and bobs.  I need to now figure out how to bring my newly-found knowledge to my regular paper scrapping.  And it has certainly given me an increased respect for the digi-designers who make kit after kit.  I’m sure that there is a method to save elements that you can then alter and re-use (like a standard scallop) but I’m just not that organized yet.  While I still maintain I am unlikely to abandon my paper and glue for a fully digital life, I do see the appeal and enjoy the process.