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Not quite done with the PDF, but hopefully today.  Here is another layout – this one is from 4×6 Photo love and is the February sketch.  I am imposing a few rules for myself – first, obviously, 4 x 6 photos no cropping if I can help it.  Next, where possible, I have to use scraps, other than the background.  Next, if possible, I need to use a stamp, old supplies, and finally I need to try to use my handwriting.

This ticks all the boxes LOL!

The paper is leftover from a magazine article, all still in a bag, and I think it was the bits for the step-by-step photos.  The ribbon and the star paper I have had for yonks.  The stamp is … maybe Fancy Pants?  The tile letters I brought over with me, so at least 10 years old.  Astonishing that I actually had all the letters needed to spell the word I wanted!  The red chipboard I bought when Scrapmagic was closing and I think I used maybe two or three of them. I am trying to absorb the commentary as well, when watching the 4×6 videos – While I feel I know, more or less, how to balance  layout, I appreciate the reason why I would choose to put something in a certain place, and the explanations Shim offers, about intersecting papers, reading in a Z,  blah, blah, blah, makes sense of some of the things am aware of, from reading about scrapping for years, but that I do almost without thinking.  This will all help me with future layouts  – it’ll be interesting to look at the layout at the end (or perhaps before I commit to it, before I stick it all down) to check and see if I’ve taken everything in to consideration.  Sometimes, I do like to fly in the face of known design principles, and sometimes it even works, but overall the basics of placement and grouping things, and Zs and triangles are all things that I am glad to be reminded of, especially as I have been scrapping so little.  My mojo isn’t gone so much as a little rusty from disuse.

Now I really must wrap up the PDF and finish the other version of the concertina, do something for DH (which is a little bit crafty and computer-y) and a few other things.

One thought on “Another layout

  1. Fabulous! I’m a big scrap user too. BTW, hanks for the heads-up about Shimelle’s classes over at 2Ps!

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