Sketch layout!


I took a couple of stacks of photos to my Saturday crop and managed to finish two of them – I would have done three but for the last one I had set aside a pile of embellishments in a little tin, which I left on my desk.  Doh!   This one is from Shim’s recent sketch and quite a good one.  The tilted layout from last week is unusual for me – I am too “square” when scrapping, not one to tilt and angle, so this appealed immediately.

A few of things – the title is from DSs favourite Dr. Seuss book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.   Next, and Shim will be so proud of me, I ACTUALLY WROTE on my layout!  I hate my handwriting (second only, for many scrappers I know, to hating being in photos) so it takes real effort for me too do this.  But I think I have journaled on most of my recent layouts, by hand, so that may be a trend.  So much easier than turning to the computer. and the little row at the bottom is hard to see in the image here but it is a row of circles, punched and folded, each with a small circle punched from a scrap of card within.  Really like how it looks, even if one or two are slightly wonky.

It’s interesting.  I had a chat with a mate who expressed interest in the fact I am enjoying doing sketches and the 4×6 class.  She wondered why?  I’ve never had a shortage of layout ideas myself, so scraplifting someone else’s work didn’t make sense to her.  But following on from my recent post regarding kids (teens) and photos, and hearing Shim’s comments on the first 4×6 video I watched about the creative process she experiences  when flipping through her stack of printed photos, I realize it is the same for me.  Without current photos to flip through,  the ideas don’t flood me like they did when I scrapped EVERY DAY.  And as a way to MAKE myself scrap, treating it like a challenge to do the layout before the next one goes up, it works a treat.  I’ve made 4 layouts in the last week or so, the tilted one my own design, and the others from classes or sketches.  I am now factoring in scrapbooking to my schedule every day.  All good.

Oh, and I finally joined Facebook.  Not sure why, I’ve ignored it for years, by choice, as doing a blog was enough of a time suck I thought I would never be able to add that in as well,  We shall see.  I fear my wall will be very boring.




5 thoughts on “Sketch layout!

  1. great layout. Love Shimelle’s sketches too although i haven’t managed to participate lately!

  2. I agree, FB can be a time-waster but it’s nice to be able to connect with family and friends and see all their photos they share.
    I LOVE your layout!

  3. This looks fab. I need to get bitten by the scrapping bug again – haven’t created a LO in ages…

    I went on a Facebook binge a while ago, but then I realized what a huge waste of time it is. I now only go on once a week or so to check in. It IS a great way to reconnect with people and stay in touch with relatives far away though.

  4. I like this layout. As for Facebook I feel the same about it as Kerry above!!

  5. Love the layout.

    I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I find it invaluable for information sometimes but it gives you an idea of how self obsessed some people are. Have fun 🙂

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