Foldies – a musing

Right.  I watched Shim’s little YouTube video on the Sassafras Lass Foldies.  Cool product.

And my next thought was I can make those with stamps. So I grabbed a handful and sat down at my desk to have a play.  But then I thought again: Hang on a second – Why?

Looking at the finished effect, why go to all the trouble of stamping a staggered line of flowers, colouring them in with Copics, laboriously cutting them out with a neat border, spacing them so you could cut the little folding tabs between them, then folding and sticking them in place?  The look would be exactly the same if you stamped all the bits, cut them out individually, mounting some of them on the page with pop-dots, some flat, staggering them slightly and adapting the placement exactly to your page. Just to show that you CAN?

In the end it simply is not worth the effort.  The beauty of the product is getting a cool effect, fast and easy, not the LOOK of the product on the page.  They have done all the work for you.  They are punch-outs, so seconds to get a perfect border rather than hand-cutting, they are coloured beautifully, rather than an hour of stamping, Copic colouring, shading, and they don’t cost the earth.

So I stepped AWAY from my desk and moved on to something else.  Sometimes, just buying something is, in the end, a far better solution.