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Sunday-someplace-else – Little Light Studio

Looking for a good font for Font of the Week over on UKS, I stumbled on Little Light Studio. There isn’t a lot of info about the site, but what I can see is that Wilna Furstenberg is involved, and I’ve always liked her style.  There is a freebies page, not a ton of stuff, but most things I think I could find a use for.  I love these labels (and the kraft versions) – .pngs so totally usable as printed or digi items. 

There is a font, and and handful of tutorials (I like the Polaroid mask one, and the using layered templates one) and classes to buy. There is a Bling Out Your Blog class that looks interesting, but of course it is for Blogger and Typepad and not WordPress, so useless for me.  Oh well. In any case, it’s worth a look.  You may find something that appeals.  At the very least it’s worth grabbing the freebies!

Have a great Sunday.