WOYWW 109 – still loving 4x6s


If you read back you will see I am scrapping to Shimelle’s 4×6 PhotoLove self-led class.  Good it is self-led, as I am only now getting started, with the layout yesterday for June, and now, what is on my W today, the class from May.

It doesn’t look like much, but it will soon be a lovely 2-page layout! Trust me.

Today is DDs transition meeting at her school, planning for her future.  So I am a little distracted.  I’ll get to my desk visiting sometime later or tomorrow if I don’t manage it.  If you came here looking for inspiration, sorry there isn’t much – just a seemingly random pile of stuff.  But if you check out Shim’s video you will see where I am going, and if you pop over to the lovely Julia’s space and hop around blogs across the world, you will surely find something that WILL inspire you! Trust me on that too!

29 thoughts on “WOYWW 109 – still loving 4x6s

  1. Seems your are starting to make head way with your new project! Happy Woyww!

  2. Ah, school meetings, they were such a long time ago. Love everything all prepared for when you got back home, hope you’ve had some time to work on this now!


  3. Look forward to seeing your LO, Shimelle’s 4×6 photo love it’s fantastic isn’t it 🙂

  4. Loving those papers, they;llmake a great page, with what you have there
    HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #29

  5. Hi MaryAnne, I don’t know, your desk looks pretty inspiring to me. Very nice spotty paper, great colours, and the stripey paper teams well with it – interesting that you seem to have cut the papers into strips. I look forward to seeing the finished layout. Hope your DD’s meeting goes well for her. Elizabeth x #72

  6. Lovely DP on your desk.

  7. Hope the meeting goes well and the work works out!!

  8. This looks like a great idea for your layouts…Can’t wait to see when it’s finnished!!

  9. It’s always interesting to see a pile of ‘stuff’ and imagine what it will turn into:) There have been some great ideas in Shimelle’s series.

  10. WOW.. I just checkout your work for the 1st time.. You are so talented and CREATive.. I’m a daydreamer scrapbooker.. I have my 1st granddaughter’s I have to do, but keep daydreaming of it.. Looking arouond your world has gave me some ideas and ALOT of inspiration.. Thanks for sharing. Many Blessings!

  11. I really look forward to seeing your double page LO …must have a look at the link. Hope your DD’s meeting goes well.

  12. That’s the beauty and down-side of self-paced! But your work is looking lovely, great colours and photo so it will be just fine! Enjoy yourself…
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy the desk-hop!
    Sarah at 2

  13. A double! Good for you! I find them very useful but have to plan carefully or I get VERY bored halfway through, lol! Looking forward to seeing yours completed.
    Helen S

  14. I’ll try that again – active desk, major brownie points in my book, ( UK cultural reference to a well done thing)

  15. babe you have an actie desk – that wins major brownine poitn sin my book, also I find your sidebar calendar inspiring Every Week i see it…


  16. Looks a fun project. Happy WOYWW,
    Cathy xx

  17. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination! Have fun putting it all together!

  18. Love the colours on your desk. Hope the school meeting goes well.
    A x

  19. love the colors.

  20. Nice papers! That’s what I love about self led classes…I move at my own pace and I eventually get to where I want to go. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #43

  21. Gorgeous papers – good luck with your layout.

  22. Ah yummy colours there and off to check out Shims video so can see where you are going – thanks for sharing Shaz in Oz.x

  23. Your desk looks very interesting today MaryAnne. The papers are gorgeous. Hope today goes well

    Laura 25 x

  24. At least you have something on your desk… I always found double pagers a bit daunting!!

  25. Hi ya
    im sure your layout will look fab look forward to seeing it, hope all goes well at the meeting,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  26. Loving all the stash on your desk this week.Hopefully youll get time to complete.
    Have fab weednesday hugs Judex 15

  27. Good luck with the transition meeting for DD – am now off to check that link you give. Thanks for sharing – Hugs, Neet #4.

  28. loving those papers! have fun finishing your LO

  29. Looks like it’s going to be an amazing layout! I ove the colours in the papers you’ve chosen.

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