A layout! Yay!

I am still dealing with reluctant kids, and scrapping old photos, and I have always loved this one.

Lot’s of journaling, all about how DD will never GIVE you a kiss, but will only present her cheek to RECEIVE a kiss from you.  She’s so funny.

I am not one to tilt.  My layouts, more often than not, are straight and angular.  I may soften them with flowers and circles and swirls, but the photos and the journaling blocks tend to be all right angles, all lined up, all very head on.  This one went a different way.  I have to say I really like it.  I am very into grey lately so that may be part of it.

One little trick was adding a rub-0n to a felt circle.  I was stunned when it “took”, although to be honest I sort of expect it might stick to the PP when I put it in the album, which is why I added the chipboard – that might keep the PP away enough for the rub-on to stay in place. I didn’t notice I had lost a YOU but that is a small annoyance.  I may have to test a damaged rub-on on another bit of felt, slip it in a PP and see if it does, indeed, transfer to the PP.  Other than that, lots of old product, as usual, but unlike the double pager last week using both old product and old techniques, this one feels more up to date rather than dated. So happy with that!