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Sunday-someplace-else, sort of

I went to the Newbury Stamp Show yesterday and had a fine time.  Last year we went on the Sunday afternoon and it was less crowded and overall more pleasant but getting my mag renewal and choice of gifts made the getting there first thing on Saturday worth it. Sure, I could have bought a ton of stuff, but the couple of things on my have-to-have list weren’t available (new micro-tip scissors, as I seem to have lost mine and the perfect text stamp) and I love stamps but don’t make good enough use of the ones I already have, so other than the freebies, and one tiny 40p stamp from Craft Stamper, I didn’t buy any.  Shocking, I know.

I did find a background text stamp that I liked, but £15.50 for an unmounted stamp was simply highway robbery to my mind.  No Micro-tips at all, but I did get a cheap paper pack in just DDs sort of bright, acid-y colours (bargain at £2.50) and some decoupage scissors that I thought I would have a go with.  We shall see if I get on with them.  I also got what I THOUGHT would be a very handy alphabet die, by X-cut, perfect size, very usable font, and was really looking forward to having a go with that.  HA! Rubbish.  I may even write a letter of complaint I hate it so much.

The die-cuts are so deeply embedded in the die after cutting that you need to pry each one out with a pokey tool!

Can you see how recessed they are??  The paper tears or the letter comes out misshapen when you DO finally get them out, and it really narks me off.  And almost £13.00 – which I would have been happy to pay if it was a decent die.  Is it THIS one or are they all like that?

What else?  Another bargain, £1 back issues of Making Gifts magazine.  Never heard of it before, but it does have lots of different stuff in it, cards, projects, recipes, etc.  At that price even one project will make them worth it.

Perhaps the coolest thing was some sticky-backed template material and some sheer patterned fabric.  I’ve bought the fabric in the past and never really made use of it.  But the template stuff looks like a lot of fun.

To be honest the site doesn’t do it justice.  There were some stunning cards using the whites that looked so pretty, and the strings of fairy lights with little shades would make any tween girl swoon.  The procedure is so simple and I have a load of ideas for this stuff already. This is their business card!  So cool.

Also top of my list was renewing my subscription to Craft Stamper – I did it last year at the show and I liked the idea of being able to pick your gift and take it away with you rather than waiting for it to come in the mail when you subscribe on the site.  You know you will get what you want and they won’t run out.  I was tempted by the chalk mists in the current issue and was doing the total happy dance when I saw they were one of the choices at the show.

The lovely Katy had some fab samples there using the inks, and I came away with lots of ideas (and Kate Crane’s DVDs – my big splurge but I so admire her style) so def. play time this week.  I have to say I really love matt stuff – bling and shimmer is all well and good, but sometimes you don’t want that effect.  I think I will like the chalk effect of these a lot.

So I didn’t go mad, resisted the temptation to get a load MORE stuff that I really don’t need when I have so much already, but did see many samples and demos, lots of techniques that I have done already but a few that were new to me, and was very inspired. And I do have my eye on a couple of lines for possible purchase thru the year.