SDC 33 – Use scraps

OK, so I am calling these paint chip strips “scraps”.  As they have been in my stash for easily 5 years, I think they qualify.

Not a whole lot more than yesterday, if I’m honest.  I really wanted the bargello effect to be on display and everything I tried (stamping, embellishing, ribbon, flowers, whatever) just detracted from it.  So simple  was the way to go – def. a “less is more” look.

I have had the felt speech bubbles in my stash for ages as well, and never could find a use for them.  But for this card, they worked well.  I did have to type the word on plain white card, as the original green-and-cream ledger paper was simply too dull against the vivid paint chips.  It looked wrong.  Inside, it says:

Growing old
is mandatory.

growing up
is optional

which I thought great for a birthday card.  I have a few “young at heart” people with birthdays coming up and this is simple and colourwise right for a man’s card, I think.

I have been looking at Bargello designs, and I like the look of the varied width strips, although to be honest perhaps better on a bigger canvas than card-size.  It gives an interesting effect, almost the illusion of motion, and that is something that might be fun to play with. Another day, for sure.

So, UK people – will I see you at the Newbury Stamp show?  I’ll be there on Saturday.  If you see me, say HI!