A double layout!

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This week on the scrap Factor contest we posted the theme for next week, for the contestants to work on.  It was to take an old layout, one from your earliest scrapping days, and re-do it in your current style.  It got me thinking about stuff I once seemed to do all the time but now, for whatever reason, I don’t seem to do ever. Not sure why, I just don’t seem to think of these techniques or products.

So first, this is a double page spread.  I almost can’t recall when I last did one of them, whereas once I was passionate about doubles, feeling that the whole one-photo on a layout thing was just not efficient and I had too many photos to useless than about four.  The 4-photo-layout blog was a favourite place to visit, but sadly, I don’t think it is updated anymore. While I certainly came around to the appeal of single-photo layouts and have done LOTS of them, I still tend to use two or more more often than not.

Next, I used journaling, printed on vellum – and coloured vellum at that! My new printer doesn’t handle the inexpensive vellum I used a LOT for a long time, but I came across a whole binder full of page protectors FULL of coloured and patterned vellum in my travels through my scrap room and I thought Why not? The printed handled “real” vellum much better than the office supply version, with no smearing. Yay! and I journalled a LOT – again, something I always did, and now if I manage a date and a short paragraph I feel like I’ve done well.

And I attached the vellum with coloured brads.  Lately I have gone back to silver, gold, and the copper coloured ones more often than any other,  And even so I used them very infrequently, more as a decorative item then a functional requirement (ie to actually attach something.

I also used a pack of pre-cut die cuts from Bazzill.  since I got my Craft Robo, and backed that up with a Cricut, I have had no need to BUY die cute, so these have to be many years old.

Foam stamps.  I do still use them occasionally, but once they were the only letter stamps I had and I used them A LOT.  I still love them.

Painted edges and stamping with paint was also something I did a lot and never seem to do much at all now.  Brushing the edges of a photo or paper with paint is a trick I learned from Shimelle,  It gives a real dimensional look, much more so than inked edged, as the paint itself is a bit…gloopy? Well, thick anyway.

The journalling is all about how DH promised me that he would take me to Lake Como.He did, and we had a fab lunch out on the patio f a lovely restaurant overlooking the lake.  It was just stunning.

So what I think is this – while I love all these products and techniques, when I look at this layout I imagine it could have been made 5+ years ago.  In some ways the products and techniques really date the layout.  Maybe it is using all of them on one layout.  Maybe I looked at the stuff and rather than try hard to drag them into  2011 I sort of fell back on the way I have always used them.  I think the next time I would look at them more critically and really see if I could give them a more modern twist.  Is that possible?  Maybe.  Maybe it’s just a matter of taking ONE of them and adding it to something that is bang up to date scrapping-wise. Maybe that would make the techniques and products look fresh and new.

But in any case, these photos have languished in my photo stash for so long, just getting them on the page is great.

I should take a close up to add because one thing about doubles is that photographing them as a single unit means the detail is lost in anything other than quite a huge photo! I may do, but poor little muffin (DD) is home sick today and I promised I would sit with her for a bit.  Much as I would like to spend the day at my desk or crafting on the floor, I have her home with me all day so infrequently that I really want to spend the time with her, especially as she asked – usually it’s all about the DAD, so I’m going to grab the moment.  I may even take a photo or two….

One thought on “A double layout!

  1. How very interesting MA. So what is it that we’re doing differently – after all,you’ve mentioned products that I’m still using for sure. Maybe we break up the journalling to photo size and spread it across the LO? Maybe we just journal less. Which makes me hyperventilate. I think in a way, the number of photos is the the very thing that makes the LO look as though it’s not a new one – we ar so rarely doing multiple photos or DLO in point. Great post. Love the idea of lunch at Lake Como too!

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