WOYWW106 – serendipity squares?


I made a post on UKS this week, musing on the top 10 things that changed scrapbooking in a big way – you can see it here a few days back as well, but the replies on UKS are interesting.  It got me thinking about a lot of things, like stuff I had bought and never used (see yesterday’s post on making my own spray inks with some MM Scrapbook Dyes!) and old techniques that have fallen out of favour.

One thing that I have done once or twice is take my scraps and make “serendipity squares” – little patchworks of small pieces of paper that you can use as a background, punch out a shape, whatever.  They always look a bit cheesy (or at least mine do LOL!) and as I had a pile of mostly little strips of paper trimmed off various projects on my desk I went trolling the internet for updated ideas.  Well, I didn’t really find much of use, but at some point I stumbled on the SEI blog and this adorable project.  Well I’ll be darned! Serendipity circles!

OK, so I was NEVER going to sew down little tiny pieces of paper, but the idea got me going so this is what is on my W today!

Basically, I am taking my little strips, sticking then to some cheap white cardstock, lining some up, overlapping some, then putting my punch or Nestie circles over the different areas till I find one or two I like. Cut them out and stick them to a metal-edged tag (oh my but there was once I couldn’t seem to do a page without a coupe of them on there – and I still love them) then add … well anything really.  I am making use of some old Wordfetti and some book pages, a tiny butterfly punch (well it was on my W from last week’s birdcage so why not?) and various other bits and bobs.  I think they turned out very sweet, little tiny collages that could be a card topper or embellishment, and make good use of the smallest of scraps.  I feel very virtuous!

Frankly, with the amount of scraps that I have I could make enough to cover the house and still not finish them off, so these are just the beginning of it.

I fancy making a few with kraft or black paper as the base, instead of the metal from the tags as I think they will look sweet.  I can see them all in a line on a card (and so long as I make my starting collage big enough to punch multiple circles from it they will perfectly coordinate)  or as a single or a cluster of embellies on a layout.  And since my desk scraps all tend to be from a colour coordinated project, it seem like making the little collage is something I can do and tuck into a bag, ready for punching anytime I need them – rather than stuffing the smallest of scraps in my scrap bags, I’ll be 1/2 way there to something I can actually use. Yay!

So there you have it – a productive and frugal WOYWW.  Be sure to dash over to Julia‘s and see what everyone else is doing! You’ll be inspired I promise!

Oh, and do let me know how the extra stuff in my sidebar looks on your device!  I don’t know why it puts things in different places on my iPad than my desktop, with the Stampotique projects in the wrong place, so I’d be interested if it looks OK for everyone.  I spent the time to organize my PDFs and some of my videos, and most of my Stampotique things so people can see what they are clicking on before they do it – most important for the PDFs! Who wants to download a huge file and have the project be something you don’t want?

If you managed to read all of this well done! If not, I completely understand LOL!

33 thoughts on “WOYWW106 – serendipity squares?

  1. what a great idea. I normally only use strips as faux ribbon or ribbon weave on cards, I like your idea better!
    not playing on WOYWW this week but couldnt resist a nosey.

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  3. Hello again Mary Anne, I’ve been busy making collaged paper with my leftover strips after reading your post. You can see the result on my blog today. Thanks for the idea – I just thought it was a great way to use up leftover strips. Elizabeth x #79

  4. Wow, how is that for coincidence then? I was looking at some scraps yesterday and thinking that I should do some Serendipity Squares. Your timing is perfect as always, so I shall go have a try with some circles instead. I’m sure I have some of those metal edged tags in a drawer somewhere in my craft space!!

    Thanks for inspiring me again!

    Scrappydiva #111.

  5. Oooooo, serendipity circles! How about serendipity die cut shapes? I’ve got a pile of serendipity squares from a swap ages ago. Hmmm…..

    Both of your sidebars look ok, except that the pics under “Projects from Me” are all missing. The links work fine, though.

    Happy wowyy!

    Sandy #86

  6. Thankfully not into scrapbook making so no pieces of paper to go along with the huge stash of fabric scraps that I have. This is a great idea for those that make card though. Hugs Mrs A. #98.

  7. My scraps grow like Topsy despite using them up for ‘Always with a Heart’ Snippet challenge regularly but I like the idea of patchwork squares or circles for that mateer.
    x Tricia (64)

  8. love those little circles, what fun!

  9. What a terrific idea – I hadn’t heard of serendipity circles/squares but I think they are a great way of using up all those little bits I just can’t bear to through away. Re the stuff on your sidebar – for some reason I can’t see the photographs in your Projects from Me section, just a red cross instead. I use Internet Explorer for my browser. Hope this is useful and have a great week. Elizabeth x #79

  10. they look amazing, great idea for using up bits and pieces!
    Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW, Debx

  11. What a great idea …not that I think I have the patience …but I think once you start it must be adictive.
    Had a catch up on your posts …and I have to agree with your list but I feel that Tim Holtz has made everyone think outside the box. I know his is not a scrapper but his style has influenced the papers and embelishments we use …without us realizing.

  12. What a great use of paper scraps:) I saw something similar recently using strips to make bunting triangles.

  13. Great result! We have done the same with fabric snippets to create mini callages and then machine stitched on top. I love to recycle!

  14. Love this idea ! It’s great – I too have so many paper scraps and I love projects like this – I know what I’ll be doing this evening whilst watching tv.
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca x(55)

  15. Wonderful desk..great idea for your sweet tags. Thanks for sharing, I use tags a lot but have not covered them, only distressed..Happy WOYWW

  16. What a great idea using scraps, it’s wonderful creating something out of nothing your tags demonstrate this.
    Kathleen x

  17. lovely bits of yummyness and you get to use up scraps of favourite papers that you just dont want to put in the bin. never heard of serendipidy circles but these creations are great.

  18. What a great way to use up your scraps Mary Anne and your finished tags are just as good, if not better than some that they sell in the shops made by the big paper companies…….well done you!

    Happy Crafting!

  19. Very nice use of the scraps and bits of paper. I hate to throw away pretty paper. Might save a tree in the end! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #46

  20. A lot of your images on the sidebar are coming up with the lil white square & red cross but I think that jus me, I’m having trouble jus lately. Oh no, I already have a drawer bursting with medium to larger scraps I can’t be keepin the teeny tiny scraps too!

  21. This ia great idea to use up scraps of paper. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Sidebar looks great to be.

  22. I always save all my scraps… and then chuck them out when I have a tidy-up because they’re never used and just take up space! I like the idea of these serendipity circles… and the name just sounds so sweet too *lol*
    Have a wonderful WOYWW #106!

  23. I really love your tags. Time consuming and you must havea lot of patience but well worth the effort.
    A x

  24. Oh these circles are super what a great way to use scraps and make card toppers too thanks for sharing! and happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x

  25. I haven’t even seen where you can buy the tags yet, no one near me has them I’m sure, but they look fun so will hunt the web! Happy WOYWW
    This blog found me my first tries of doing a blog, is always shows me it addy in that box below…but there’s nothing on it, so I’ve put the addy of the one I use now…

  26. i LOVE your circles! Your list of projects shows but the pictures just as red crosses…

  27. Well I LOVE these and what a great use of all those scraps!!! Great post – very interesting!!

  28. Thank you for the link in how to create DIY magnets. What an amazing idea. A great use for those scrap papers. I dont mind the side bar, but your projects by me, did not display properly, maybe too much on the page. I had to refresh it a few times for it work. Happy WOYWW 106, Thank you for sharing, #25

  29. I knew I kept all my scraps for a reason – great idea to do them at the end of a project too!!!

    Blog looks great! Well done for sorting it all out! 🙂

  30. I’m a fan of using up scraps too, and the circles are a great idea. Not heard the phrase ‘serendipity squares’, but these happy-go-lucky morsels fit the bill nicely!

  31. Yes, I read every word. That’s why it takes me so long to get to everyone. I’ve heard of serendipity squares, but these circles are awesome. Very clever idea. Happy WoYWW from (I still don’t believe it) #1.

  32. Aaah, those metal tag things take me back a bit! I seem to recall having them dangling from most of my pages too! I like your updated version and think the card idea would work brilliantly!

  33. Fab serendipity cirlces .. .not thought of making shapes other than squarew with them .. .might have a go at that one!
    Happy WOYWW,
    Cathy xx

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