Adding a page to a bound book


OK, this is one of those really obvious to many tips that may not be obvious to all LOL! There wa a post recently on UKS that made me think it was worth sharing so I will.

As you may have seen, I have my Smash book done.  But what if I wanted to add something to it and not stick it in?  Many, many moons ago I got a CJ that was bound.  I wanted to add a decorative piece of paper to cover my page in the book (and cover it edge-to-edge, not just add a square to the side of the binding holes), and did this little trick, although in that case I stuck it to the existing page in the book.  It worked a treat so I am pretty sure, unless you are amazingly brutal when turning your pages, that this will hold in your book with no problem – esp. if you are using something like I am, a card or a post card, something with a little bit of weight and stability to it, as opposed to a very thin piece of paper.  This paper I think I would stick to be on the safe side.

It’s easy peasy – just punch the binding holes in your piece, as you would if you were going to bind it proper.

Then with you scissors, snip through the edge into the space left by the binding holes:

Then it is just a simple case of lining up the binding holes and lightly pushing the splits around the rings.

It doesn’t take too much effort to get them to open slightly, fall into place, then enclose the binding rings.  And it holds well.

So this little trick is handy if you want to add pages to any sort of already-bound book, be it a commercial version or one you’ve bound yourself.

I hope it’s helpful – and do keep in mind my original use.  If you have a pre-bound chipboard album. all you need to do is punch the holes (and most wire binding follow a very similar spacing pattern to the BIA punch, but punch and check a sample first, to make sure) snip through to open them, then stick the paper to the bound page and trim up the edges.


2 thoughts on “Adding a page to a bound book

  1. Ooo…I LOVE the Erte image MA. That is a clever idea of yours. Thanks for the tip. *Ü* ~Glen~

  2. Great tip – I bought a spiral-bound folder years ago, in which the plastic pockets worked in exactly this fashion, and could be removed and reinserted in other places in the folder without moving their contents. Works really well!

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